New Year's Eve

I have spent the last week of this year procrastinating!! It's true! I do not want to write this post. At all. The year in review is like taking medicine because it will make you feel better... but you're still taking the medicine!! Ugh! :D :D

Such a lovely, positive outlook, don't you think? haha

And 2013 has been a GREAT year. I was privileged to work with an awesome editor. I've made a story shine. I've written a couple new stories. I've had requests from more publishers. This is what we all want--as writers. To have that confirmation that we are doing something worthwhile, something other people can enjoy... telling a story that friends, family, and strangers can relate to.

It's not always about being thought-provoking or profound or nobel-prize winning. Getting to the nitty-gritty and telling a story that someone else feels. That is so satisfying. So, so, so!!

And this is why I question what I'm feeling deep inside.

It's a slightly unsettled feeling. Not DISSATISFACTION. No. That would devalue everything I've done so far this year. But a feeling that the course is due to change. And as I sit and evaluate the year before in order to make plans for the year ahead--like a good businesswoman, I have to consider all the aspects of WHY I WRITE and HOW I CAN SELL MORE.

See, the one thing I've learned this year is that not everyone will like my writing. *gasp* Don't be shocked! It's true. I am not a one-size-fits-all  variety of story. Does that even exist? No.

The truth on top of that is that if I'm not writing something I believe in, almost no one will like my stuff. Not even the people who usually LIKE my stuff will like my stuff. So, I really want to write stuff that consumes me, that makes me smile, makes me feel. Feel! Sheesh.

Is that too much to ask?

Also, I want to write a lot. I might add another daycare day to my schedule this year... maybe. Because, there's an urge there. Don't you just LOOOOOVE the urge?! :D