Remember Whensday

On a bit of a tangent, do you remember your dreams?

Last night I had a doozy! At a different age, I might have considered it a nightmare, but it didn't really scare me just left me feeling tense. But what I love about those kind of dreams is the atmosphere they create. Like a movie I can't stop watching, right?

My dream last night had a dark atmosphere and a creepy guy in a wheelchair who thought he and I were an item. Kind of awkward when my husband showed up! Then the creepy guy got freaky and mad. He lived in a three story house, his room on the very top floor. An attic with dormers. In my dream I kept checking the windows up there to see if he was looking. Low and behold, we [cuz Matt's with me now] find out Creepy Guy has a daughter. He's killed her. [I know! Crazy dreams.]

Next thing I know we're on the[a] frozen lake where the sport is bike riding on the water. But the bike riding is happening in a rectangular hole cut from the ice. The wheels of the bikes are paddles. We don't sit in any type of stand, though. We're actually ON the edge of the ice, our feet hanging in the water [like at a pool]. But the edge starts to break and we're floundering in the water. I'm calling to Virginia [DD] to grab Sean [DS] and I'm holding the baby up out of the water, calling to my husband.

And I wake up because Sean is calling my name. He woke up. It's 5:40am and he's hungry!

It's fun to take those feelings and put them to paper even if I can't use the actual circumstances.
Do you do that?

What do you Dream?

I dream alot. Maybe it's a result of my diabetes[isn't their a study about sugar levels affecting dreams?] or maybe it's the result of being a woman [hormones] or maybe I just have an active imagination. The scientists say that we dream. I am a person who often remembers her dreams, vividly.

For about two days when I was a teenager, i thought of keeping a journal. But rolling over and sleeping seemed so much more important at the time. I never did reconsider the task. Now that I consider myself a writer, I occasionally get the urge to jot down the good ones.

I love how my dreams combine ideas and images from my waking hours. Last night, it was a wonderful drama of secret identities, military intelligence, and political intrigue. [Hey! Look! Three I words. Looks like a good plan for a series.] So, you're probably wondering really? This reflects your waking hours? LOL
Well, sorta.

I had a hypothetical conversation with my neighbor about the political climate. I've noticed lately how wonderfully conservative the military community is. Being a conservative and a Christian, I feel good about that. But what if, in the future, there came a point when the military [or even each soldier] had to make a choice between following orders and following beliefs? When our enemies say, They will defeat us from within, at what point will we need to fight ourselves in order to maintain our freedom? I know I'm not the first person to consider this. I'm sure there are books and articles written on this topic... fiction and nonfiction. Somehow it came up in life and then again in my dreams.

I watched Psych before heading to bed last night. If you watch it and have met Juliet's brother Ewan O'Hara, you know this is where my dream got dreamy. LOL Hunky guys, uniforms, guns blazing... espionage. :P

Well, with my husband in the Army now, military things are often on my mind. What can I say? I dream and those dreams inspire new stories. What do you dream?

As July becomes August

Wow, summer always flies by, doesn't it?

Our trip to Florida was very sad, bittersweet at best. Matt's dad will be missed for a long time to come, especially by his beloved and his children. I dreamed of him last night, an odd thing where I could see his ghost and he was talking to John [my brother-in-law]. On our trip, Matt and I had a notebook where we marked every dollar we spent. Matt wanted to keep track of how much money it cost to do this trip. A curiosity thing and an effort to see how much gas we used and how well we used it. Well, in my dream, I was under some kind of financial suspicion and people kept asking me, "Can you account for the money you've spent for the last six months?"

And even in my dream I thought, "Damn it, I've only got a week!" LOL


We took the family to Georgia for some R&R on the way home. It was well-worth the extra miles. I think so, anyway. We were able to shed some of the sadness for a while and focus on the kids. I told my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Billy, "This is the most fun the kids have ever had, ever." They didn't believe me. It's true, though. They will always remember this trip... and the way I yahooed as the boat pulled me around the lake on an inner tube or the way Thomas didn't get fishing until one took the bait on his pole. He yelped and dropped the pole in his surprise, then, he wouldn't even hold the fish for a picture. Little stinker. New experiences for everyone, and a great time had by all.

What about you?
What is something fun you've done for summer this year?
Stop in and let me know.