Is blogging for the birds?

Tired after a long week of revisions, I'm too pooped to write more than this...

Get an Ereader. I swear you'll love it.
Yes, a book is nice, but don't you know that the world is changing?
Don't you know that forests are being torn down in every corner of the world just so you can get your jollies? Think of how cool it will be when we can walk around reading a hundred different books without ever needing a bag.

The future is upon us, and it's looking more and more like Star Trek than we thought it would....

I'm saving up for mine. And by saving up, I do mean brownie points. Yesterday, I made a coleslow that awed my hubby. He actually said the words, I think that's the best coleslaw I've ever eaten. *blush* There's a few points there. I'll get lots of good points for birthing a baby this year... and if I sell a manuscript and actually make money, by Christmas of 2011, I think an Ereader will be feasible. :D