The Truth

Most of the times I hear a term like "an insider", I'm reading the back cover of a thriller novel or hearing that deep voice of the movie trailer announcer. So my brain started processing the term anew when I heard it this week about CSM Bolyard and his death in Afghanistan.


In case you're curious, there's a weird balance maintained by military families during a time as trying as this. Morbid curiosity is a no-go...yet, we are all thinking about it. Why did it happen? How? Who of our friends are affected by such a horrible loss? 

I watch my friends cry.

I hug them, knowing their life will never be the same...because they have lost a friend, a husband, a colleague.

But I don't cry out there. I didn't know this hero. I have only heard about him secondhand or read about him online, like every one else. My tears come later, and they are for the greater loss that our country experiences every time we lose a member of our Armed Forces. They are for my husband who will be deployed again. For the Gold Star families who have already started rebuilding and moving on. 

The more I hear about CSM Bolyard... that he was 42, getting ready to retire, a family man...a true United States hero...

Killed by an insider. 

After reading that and thinking on it for a day, I finally asked my husband, "What does that mean? He was killed by one of our own?" Isn't that what insider means? Do I even want to know?

It means that someone, who our troops were there to help and train, came in and gave us the middle finger. [those aren't my husband's words; they are mine] CSM Bolyard is the 154th person killed by an insider attack since 2007.

I stared at my husband for a second and then asked, "Why are we even over there?" I know what this means now. It means that none of our soldiers are safe, ever. What 'friendly' will be the next to turn? In what month? At which Base? How can I let you go, knowing you might not come back?

"Politics." His words. "We train them. We give them arms; they take them and give them to ISIS." They don't understand the world like we do, with peace as an ending solution. They want us all dead.

"So, why are we over there?" I ask again. And he shrugs. He too struggles to understand such hate. Are we protecting innocence and freedom? Are we fighting the injustice of the world? For him, the answers are simpler. He serves his country; he demands a better life for his home and for the world. He wants women to be respected. He wants children to be loved. He wants the elderly to be honored. In every culture. And he wants peace... 

For me, the answers are wrapped up in emotions and turmoil and more questions. And tears. For my sister Army spouse, who suffers the loss. For our country, who has lost its focus and finds value in Political Correctness instead of Truth. 

And it makes me think about Truth. The truth of knowing our world will never see peace until we surrender to the God who created us all. Until every man, woman, and child knows the salvation of the cross, our world will suffer from sin.

And all we can do is get up in the morning and love one another. Be the light in a dark world. Share the burden of our loved ones. And pray. 

For Peace. For Change. For Life. 

Sending prayers for the Bolyard family. Timothy Bolyard, you and your family are in my calendar, and we will never forget. Rest in Peace.

With Love,


Deployment Ideas--Sunday Summations

I think we've all heard of the paper chain idea for marking the days through a deployment. This is for the kids, mostly. Something fun and visual for them to count down the days. I stopped at Tips on the Tips webpage and Megan mentioned  a great way to send notes overseas with your loved one who is being deployed.


Those fabulous little pieces of paper with adhesive on the back. The paper everyone loves. :D Kids love it, moms love it. And now that special person in your life will love it!! By taking the time to carefully place a note on each page (without pulling it off), your soldier will be able to count down the days until he sees you again with little love messages, tearing one off for every day (if you're ambitious and steadfast) or even every other day (if you're...easily distracted) that he's gone. 

This is definitely going on my list of "things to remember for later." 

Let's just say, this idea goes beyond Military Life. You could do this for a friend who is far away and needs encouragement. It's personal. I like that best. Anyone can buy a book, Chicken Soup for the Soul or what-have-you, but this takes a little thought and because of that, means so much more. 

*  *  *
Sunday Summations

I've been thinking about a story for younger people, mid-teens... possibly a little older. A time travel. Time Travel!!! I don't know what brought it up and I honestly can't recall if I first thought of it before or after my discussion about speculative fiction. But it was before the weekend. A fantasy, of sorts, about a couple of people who visit a museum and end up on the battle fields of WW2. 

I'm looking forward to this project because it's going to mean I get to visit a museum... by myself--no kids invited (except Darla!). And I'm going to get to take notes!! I'm not a great museum attendee. I usually get bored because my husband reads every single word on every single display...until I start growling that the kids are restless and if I have to wrangle one more malcontent, I might lose my mind. Not only that, but when I visit the National Infantry Museum, I tend to skim over the exhibits, getting just the visual, because if I read too much I get teary-eyed. It's embarrassing!

Sooo, I'm into a bit of research in the next week. Not only will I learn something, I'm going to enjoy myself, too. 

Have a great week, friends!
With love,