The Pink Washes off

You know the pink that shows up on your potatoes after you cut or peel them?

It washes off.

I didn't know that!!  What is it?!  Why does it wash off?  In the past, I've always repeeled if that has happened.  Then yesteday, I diced the potatoes so small, there way no was I'd be able to fix it.  When I didn't use all the potatoes, I put the rest into a bowl of water. And voila! The water turned pink, so I drained it, filled it and drained it again.

No pink. Gross. What is that stuff?

If you stopped over at Passionate Critters yesterday to read my story, THANKS! I love the support and I hope you liked it. We're four short days to Christmas now and life--as expected--has had its ups and downs. The holidays create stress, but I've got my husband home to talk to and help make things better.

My prayers go out to all the families who are separated this Christmas.
With Love,