Love and Friendship

With my daughter in sixth grade this year, talk of boys and who's dating whom has come up on occasion. I know she has a very good friendship with a guy in her class... and I wondered [ridiculously] about what it was going to be like when dating became part of the process. Would she want to date him? Or would he be 'a friend'.

My husband and I met in college. I first met him when he was dating someone else and I thought, "Oh, too bad." But the next semester, tada!, he was single again. :D Lucky me. He was a manager at the student union and I took a job at the switchboard that year. We worked together for a couple of months and finally, he asked me out on a date. A double date with a buddy. We went to Drovers, this great place for wings, in his piece of crap Chevette. For the next year, it was romance--dates, skipping class[ONCE! and believe me, it was highly unusual for him. I think he might have even gone to confession for the offense. :D], flowers[which his buddy told me I shouldn't get used to--thanks Michael, but I still get flowers about once a year when the rose bush and the peonies bloom]... We had a few ups and downs. What couple doesn't? Then he asked me to marry him. When he tells me he loves me today, it's with words and feeling he couldn't have understood back then. And still, we made it all these years.

Contemplating the stories I write, I found a tendency to write of romance that started as friendship. But, my husband and I definitely started with romance and became best friends. How STRANGE! As if I'm wishing for something else! I'm not. I love the whirlwind romance my husband and I had over the year we dated. In the long run though, it's the friendship that I value more. I suppose this is why I write of women who fall in love with friends--for the most part.

WOW, spoiler alert!!!  Hey, the stories aren't ALL like that!  I swear it! You'll see... as soon as I'm published. :D

So tell me about you. I know you want to talk about your love story. And I really want to hear it!
I'm giving a prize to a random commenter who comes in and tells me a love story...
A box of goodies. Yes, that's the same as saying I don't really know what's going to be the box!
You know me though. It will probably include a book, some chocolate... and whatever tickles my fancy when I'm shopping that day. :D

Winner will be picked next Saturday, so feel free to send your friends by throughout the week. Leave a name, link and/or email so I can contact you if you do win. Of course, if I know you and you know I know you, you know I don't need to know your contact information.
Enjoy the weekend, Friends!
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Since MG and Bria have been doing so well with Romance Yardsale [where they sell this really cool notebook for eavesdropping I mean research], they decided to build an actual online store, where all their writerly swag can mingle and play together in one easy-to-navigate locale. Problem is, they don’t know what to name it.


They want YOU to suggest a name and spread the word! They’ll have a random drawing and the winner gets a mug or notebook with the design of their choice. How awesome is that?

Here’s how you get points:

- 1 point for commenting on either of their blogs--BRIA or MG--with an ingenious name suggestion for their new store:

- 1 point for contest Tweet or RT (please mention @briaquinlan or @mgbuehrlen in your tweet or RT or else they may not see it!)

- 1 point for linking to their new store ( on your blog

- 1 point for blogging about your favorite Romance Yardsale item with a link to our new store (add 1 bonus point if you include a photo of the item!)

- 5 bonus points if we pick your name! <-- okay, so I'm a little confused by this rule... if I get picked as the winner, I get 5 more points to win? But I'm sure whatever the plan, it's clear in their own minds. *wink*

The store is fun! You should stop in, even just to browse. :)
Now I'm off to go claim a few points...
and wrack my brain for a good name [not one of my strong points!]
Have a great Hump Day.
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Going Pink in October

When life strikes a blow.

The strong are remembered

and Life is celebrated.

Join us this month in our effort to spread the word about

Breast Cancer Research.

The winner of our monthly contest will recieve Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Tennis Bracelet.

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Have a great October! Don't forget to celebrate LIFE!

Completing a manuscript

My WW2 is finished at just over 33k.
I've started revisions. And that's actually fun for me. Bwahahaha.
You can hate me if you want!

I have 112 pages...
and I've done 15 so far today.
There are some simple word changes and other less simple expansions.

These are my notes so far for these revisions.
1) things to remember
a. Margaret is a US citizen. [she was a UKer]
b. Mark has blue eyes. [i'm always finding different descriptions as I go along.]
c. Margaret is taller than shorter but not tall. LOL I crack myself up.
2) Conflict
a. They were married on the spur of the moment.
1. mark is freaked out
2. Margaret is uncertain but certain :D
b. Margaret gets involved in activities that put her in cahoots with the bad guy, a German spy.

When I'm finished here, I'll send it to my Critique Partner.
And then we'll really see.

If you're interested in writing in general...doesn't have to be romance...and have what you think is an exceptional first paragraph, visit Nathan's blog and submit it! Nathan Bransford, a literary agent with Curtis Brown LTD, is offering a wealth of advice and experience [i just made that up right now, but it must be true!] to the winner.