CRW -- August Mini Conference

Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. The MiniCon will be filled with some great workshops and feature guests/speakers. Not to mention it's great to get together with other writers and just chat--about the industry, about work, about...the weather. It's like, adult conversation after a long time of being with kids. So, we could talk about food, and I'd be keen on that.

Super exciting to have Angela James, editor at Carina Press, at the conference as well. I haven't submitted to them in quite some time. But...maybe it's time to do so again. The last time I subbed, I was working on Dark Summer...and holy moly that was ages ago. YEARS! 

Time really does fly, doesn't it? 

When we're stuck in the waiting game, there's this sense that time drags, but if we come up out of the work and look around, we see. Years have gone by!! :D

Have a great weekend.

With Love,