A New Day

It's a new day...
And you'll see some changes around here.
A new header--if you aren't on a feed and actually visit the blog.
Some new coloring--because that's fun.

You know me, I get a little bored. I get anxious about having my personal life out there. My husband prefers anonymity--as in, he'd like to find a cabin in the woods and live off the land, make his own energy with wind, no internt, no television or video games--we won'to go that far, but perhaps I can help. So don't get all confused when you start seeing different things around here.

It was so easy, ten years ago, to think of myself as a nobody. Relatively speaking, I still am. :D hahaha. [just kidding, family. No emails, please, about how I'm a somebody and should I see a therapist] OTOH, selling my second book upped the ante a bit, and I think it's about time to change things up. I've been saying it's time for an official webpage for a few years, but have put it off just because--expense, etc. Why bother?? I have this great blog over here that even has pages!

But when I make a decision to do something...I go full out! No halfsies for this girl. So eventually, if I can't hook this blog up to a webpage, I might have to let it go, too. [oh, that will be a little sad!] And i hate Wordpress!! But I'm willing to be flexible and try new things, if I have to.

Take care this week.
Read a good book.
With Love,