Saturday Sweets

Friday, late afternoon, I made a banana cake. I started the project, forgetting that I did not have any eggs. Believe me, you can't make cake without eggs. So I sent my son next door to borrow a couple of eggs. I made the cake...and let me tell you, this cake is the best cake EVER. (if you plan to link to the recipe, I added a little plain yogurt to the banana. The recipe is unbelievably moist and yummy. Other recipes I've used have been heavy, more like banana bread is. Anyhooo...

I had a plate ready to take over to the neighbors, but they haven't been home since shortly after we borrowed the eggs. And now the cake is gone!


In 24 hours, that cake is MIA. That is a recommendation you can't deny. Tomorrow, when I go shopping, I'll buy eggs and make cookies. Those will go to the neighbors... because I'm so thankful for having such wonderful people in my life.