I had an idea

...and it included a story that might be considered fanfiction. Strange, I've never done fanfiction before. Not seriously. I'm not going to do it now, either...[not that there's anything wrong with it]...but my characters will be based/inspired on a couple I watched in a movie this week.


In other news:
I told my kids to brush their teeth. My daughter is yelling at my son to brush his teeth. I yell, why are you yelling at your brother?
He didn't brush his teeth!
Why do you care about his teeth? [pretty sure she doesn't. she just feels injustice in the air]
He didn't brush his teeth!
If he says he brushed his teeth, fine. I replied.
If he's lying, Jesus will take care of it! I don't have to!!! Is what I called out.
I might have made a deal out of his lying...cuz, he was...as far as I know, lying...but she'd already made such a huge stink.
And now they're both yelling... ALOT. and they'll be in their rooms after school.
:-) Yay me.