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Thirteen Things I've Broken

1. My tooth at about the age of 2. Probably looked alot like this... BIG SMILE.

2. A pair of sunglasses. I just can't keep them...

3. Contact with friends. So many when you've moved as much as I have... Still in contact with my first best friend, Lisa. Wish I could say the same for Emily. We hung out together from 1st grade through...hmmm, 6th and then on and off until 10th when I moved out of state.

4. My skin. I was my parent's held breath. I dove off rocking chairs, fell out of strollers [although, really, was that my fault? :D Just an oversight, perhaps?], stepped on a garbage bag with broken glass at the bottom of it...ouch, that hurt and needed stitches in my pinky toe, too.

5. Another pair of sunglasses. Seriously, I think I'm cursed.

6. ...oh rules. I've broken a few rules in my day. *cough*

7. Hearts? I don't think so, although my mom says yes. *shaking head* Doesn't sound right to me. I'm not a heartbreaker I don't think...

8. Bronchioles and Alvioli. I'm sure of it. Smoking will do that. Thank God I'm a quitter. LOL

9. A Toyota Tercel. Mine was white, four door, standard [I'd love a standard now... sorry kiddo, I can't dig through the diaper bag just to get you your Thomas the Tank engine toy. I'm driving. See mommy driving?]

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10. Blood vessels. Not exactly the same as skin but close. Actually, funny story. My lastest bruise came from trying to grab a book with my legs. I was *cough* reading in the bathroom...come on, I'm a mom. I'm up right now at 1am and sometimes, my only free time is the 30seconds to 3 min I get in there everyday... Well, the book got bumped off the counter and I didn't want it to fall on the floor. So, I'm standing in front of the sink with wet hands and I go for it with my legs. My right calf catches that cover at just the right angle and my left knee snaps my legs together and whammo! the bookcover completely breaks in half...oh good one.

11. Book covers. Ouch, that was way more painful than expected.

12. Promises. Not seemingly, really important ones, but the important hidden promises I break by using the term maybe. For example, will you read this book to me, Mom?
"Maybe later, okay?"

13. Did I mention sunglasses? I bought a pair several weeks ago from the dollar store. I thought, they never last anyway, just go cheap. Well, those things never even made it home. Grrr.

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