Learn on the Fly

This is a bit of a writing update as well....
I wrote book two to my Letters From Home story and sent it to my editor, who, I hope, will like it.

And then I looked around and thought, let's do that again! So I decided to write book two of the story I have coming out later this year. But here's the thing. I'd already started that book, and it's about a doctor who is married yet separated... but I didn't like that. Oh no. BORING!

BTW, thank God I didn't like that right now, because the book coming out later this year actually references this hero and his wife. But I'll have to scratch that, because I can write a much better book about this doctor if he falls in love with the maid-of-honor at his younger brother's wedding. Especially when she shows up on  her Harley!

Oh, the part about learning... sorry, I got distracted by Brian and Lisa--oh crap. I think I know a couple named Brian and Lisa. ha! Well, let it be said here and now that I did NOT have them in mind when I created this story.

Did you know Doctors without Borders is an unaccompanied tour? Yup. No spouses, no SOs. No crazy, fun lady you just met who wants to follow you on this project. So, I learned something new, and then I had to tweak my story. And instead of being ready to leave on a tour with Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Brian is just going to have some other...mission in mind. Perhaps a trip south because his buddy from college and med school asked for a favor?? Maybe his buddy is from a rich family, and the villages in the surrounding area depend on the buddy's family. So the buddy asks Brian to come down and start a clinic deep in the jungle of some country. And by south, I mean.... central or south America. That would be interesting. Yeah! That could be very good.

Anyhoo... still writing here.
With Love,