My Babies -- COVER REVEAL!

Life is full of surprises!! And this past weekend was no exception for this writer...

First, I recieved my edits back, approved! I need to do a run-through with the copy editor and check for all those pesky little mistakes, but the most exciting part [for this visual person] is that they sent the cover of Unwanted Vows. *squeeeee*

*big smiley face*

On top of that... I was officially diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Bed rest. Hard, inconvenient, but feasible, especially since I was going to have all this "free" time on my hands. Well, that lasted about 3 days. My editor finished reviewing my manuscript, and I delivered Jack Edwin Walter.


My little baby needs some hospital time, but he is doing so well... he's strong. And sweet. And handsome. And gorgeous. He'll be bulked up in no time! Then he'll be home....

Stay tuned for actual release day news. :D :D 
....on the book. haha. <3