Another month at the Grindstone

If it seems quiet, that's because I am...very quiet lately.
I've been working hard on editing a manuscript called Unwanted Vows. Nearly at the beta-read phase [where I ask regular old readers to read the story and tell me if they like it], the story has been a pleasure to work with [with which to work]. My critique partners are still making some suggestions and I'm implementing them--word usage, clarity, etc., but otherwise... I'm ready to move on.

Which is what brings me back to "the Grindstone." Or, April Bootcamp, where a bunch of writers race to get as many words written as possible in one month. The book I'm writing is a Romantic Suspense. I'd nearly given up on it and the series it comes from because I'd received no positive feedback... :P It's a series with book one written. But book one has an older couple in it. I they're almost 40!! OMG. How old. Yuck. You mean old people fall in love?! Ew, gross.

I guess marketing can't sell that very well. Apparently the obsession with youth and beauty is still going strong in our society... but don't worry. I'll get that story out eventually. I merely need to LURE the readers in with a younger version of Romantic Suspense first. Hook them to the series and the characters then throw the old people at them. :D :D

No problem.

Have a great week,
Happy Easter!
With Love,