Sunday Summations

I read a great story this past week.
By Proxy by Katy Regnery. It was so much fun! The characters jumped off the pages...and for the first time in a looong time, I was completely amused. This book was not typical. Oh sure, the love story rang true, and I knew the hero and heroine would get together in the end--somehow. But the author grasped these two, never wavering from the integrity of their characteristics. Truly a country girl. Definitely a city boy.

The heroine didn't give in to some socially acceptable version of what a heroine should be. The hero actually questioned the why of his life--a life that had been going nowhere but up.

But don't we want the hero to go up? Isn't that what we're all looking for? Good looks, wealth, charm, position, status...virility?

I know from church last weekend that being rich isn't a sin. And if there was one complaint about the book, it would be the outlook--no redeeming value for the city lifestyle portrayed in it. Even so, it was the hero's life. And the author pulled no punches. He went from being lost to found. It was wonderful!

They saved each other. And it was so sweet...and not completely annoying innocent, either. Which was another great quality. Sexual desire between two people. Reality, even for people of faith, with an inner voice telling them they should wait. Chemistry, not glossed over or ignored in order to sell to the Christian romance market. Nothing overtly bold or mainstream romance... yet it is. It's just a wonderful blend.

Our sweet heroine discovering the passion of a real kiss. Awww. It was a fun read. Light yet emotional.
And totally Christmas!! Yippee. My first Christmas story of the year. :D

I'm so excited for my own Christmas story to come out.