Blogging outside My Circle

I discovered something in the past few weeks.
Blogging has a hierarchy.


It's true.

In a moment of bias, I thought it applied only to the bloggers outside of the writing community. Setting aside my bias, I realized I was wrong. It happens here, too. Take agents, reviewers, published authors VS. aspiring authors.

Here's a for-example: It used to be fun to stop in at certain agent blogs and comment... and I never expected those VERY BUSY agents to reciprocate and come to visit my blog and comment. They might do that for other blogs who rank a wee bit higher on the totem pole, but never for an insignificant writer like myself...who doesn't always blog about writing stuff. There's a catch here. The writers who get the attention of the agents--not necessarily meaning they would get a contract--are the ones who blog about writing...or the industry. The catch being, that as writers, we should be more interested in attracting our readers. Blogging about stuff the reader can relate to.

...where was I? Oh, right. Hierarchy. Well, I've been surfing around on some Diabetes Blogs. Amazingly enough, they are also a dime a dozen. Not expecting a hierarchy there, because most of the blogs I've visited aren't written by doctors or nurses... nope, not even by diabetes educators. Just people like me who have diabetes. So, I was REALLY surprised that they didn't reciprocate. Isn't that part of the blogging world? I mean, who's going to visit you if you don't visit other people? No one will even know you're there unless you are putting your name out there. Though there are a number of ways, blog-hopping is key because it makes you seem friendly. Twittering. Networking. Unfortunately, once you've hit that higher level of Blogdom status, it means you no longer need to do that.

I'm circling here... because I'm not looking to sound like I'm whining. Boo hoo, poor me.. etc. Not that. I guess the root of all blogging is still about me. The journal or diary we kept as a kid. It's now online... and for some reason, we all think that everyone else wants to read it. :D I do have to say, though, that I read every blog post that comes to my inbox, usually enjoying it...but after several tries of network, not succeeding, I rarely go to the webpages and comment.

Not sure if this means I'm a quiter...but a person gets tired of putting out and getting nothing back! :D Seriously, I don't mean here at Romance in Writing. I have wonderful visitors and commentors. FRIENDS who love me and want to know what's going on. It's other places I'm talking about. That at this point are going to remain a personal accountability and journal. It's nice to share with people, and know that they understand where you are coming from... but it's just as nice to do something for yourself, don't you think?

have a great Hump day.

P.S. There's always the chance that I'm just not in the 'in' crowd over there....maybe everybody does know eachother, and I'm just the new gal, eh? Who knows. I don't have time to figure that kind of stuff out. :P

What do you Blog?

Do you ever look at your blog and think, I should just shut this thing down. I love my blog, really. It has elements of me all over it, but it also feels limiting. Weird, I know. Let me explain.

I was blog hopping, started at my sisters blog and jumped through a few virtual hoops by following her follower list. Read some wonderful posts by friends from my childhood... acquaintances and family. That's when I realized, I didn't have anything spontaneous on my blog anymore. It was all very calculated. Even with the Blog Menu at the right being so new, there's always been a theme of some sort...

usually in the way of writing. I LOVE WRITING.

But, sometimes, I wonder if my blog represents my voice very much... bottom line right now: after doing this Menu bit for a few weeks, I'm bored. :P That's not good! I don't know what to do! I'm going to think on it....

and get back to my manuscript, which is at 29, 861 words. Eeek! close to half done. Phew.