Miracle Monday

I've been avoiding this place. I see it around the corner and run the other way. It tries to catch my eye, but I fake a yawn and turn away like I don't see it there. Occasionally, I even pretend we're friends and I sit and chat, but at the last minute I make an excuse that I have to leave... oh the kids are crying or I left something on in the kitchen.

But it's Monday today. And at least today, I can focus on the miracles. Seriously, I need a miracle day. Just one day to remember that life has it's good moments, too. Otherwise, I start focusing on all the stuff that feels off... like my computer problems--darn, technology. :( Or the fact that I feel like an utter failure when it comes to buying b-day presents for my son [shouldn't I know what to buy a boy who is blind?! I birthed him, didn't I? I know what he likes!]. Like how I spend a nice quiet morning with my husband, only for us to find out that he didn't get the message about reporting two and half hours earlier than originally posted, and he might miss out on the schooling that he wants to do. :( Grrrr. And then, when I know it's not his fault to say in my head [and to him, actually], "I told you to carry that damn phone with you!!" You mght have only been a half an hour late if you hadn't left your phone upstairs!

See? See what I mean? No wonder I've been avoiding this place. I'm worried about scaring all my readers away. hahaha.

MIRACLE MONDAY, the reminder that my world is bigger than the annoyances of daily living.

Today i'll go bigger and celebrate my son who was born 6 years ago, yesterday.
When I spent weeks worried about hydrocephelas and mental retardation, shunts and surgeries, I was gifted a son who has no eye on the left and no sight on the right. He is smart. Soooo incredibly smart, he will someday do great things with his extraordinary capabilities.  Until then, he enjoys farting noises and peepee jokes. He loves to read and can tell a great joke. He gives warm hugs and loves just about everyone he meets.