Who do you Ask?

I've got a nice following on my blog now.
And so I have to ask of all my writing friends, "Who do you find to beta read for you?"

I've struggled with this in the past. I have an AWESOME critique group and I'll get a good beta read from at least one of those gals--maybe even more. But deep down, I'm also interested in getting a random perspective.

This time, I asked a girlfriend who dropped off my radar except for the occasional blog visit. I'm considering sending an inquiry out over the RWA PRO yahooloops...but I need nerves of freaking steel to do that. What if I've pissed someone off? I hope I haven't, but not everyone likes me. *gasp* I know! Can you believe it?! :D I have the same issue posting on the writing boards. Besides the fact that mostly, I lurk--which, btw is an entirely different topic altogether--I really don't want to step on toes.

Hence, the need for nerves of steel!!
Asking for a beta reader is a BIG DEAL, because it's time consuming. And most forums won't even let you ask for one unless you have a certain amount of posts or involvement.

In case you're curious. The manuscript is a novella length [28K] romantic suspense, with some[a few] heated moments between a married couple, called Dark Summer. :D

Have a great week everyone.
With Love,