The Biggest Adjustment

You want to know something funny? After nine months, the hardest thing to wrap my brain around is that soldiers don't "do" anything.

Let me tell you, my husband is my pride. He is a hero. Training is his life and serving his country is now his full time job.... He has a job. He is employed.

Life isn't the same, though. The 9-5 job of an accountant is gone. No more deadlines. No bottom line. The goal of a soldier is to be prepared, be trained, be ready to lead and follow the call of duty. Somedays, Matt will be home after 6am physical training and other days he'll be home by lunch. And still there are days he's not home until dinner time or later. On occasion, he pulls a night shift and is on the clock from late afternoon to the next morning.

My friend and I were talking once about how the commissary [grocery store] is always busy. You know what she said? It's because no one works.

Busy, yes.


I don't know. I have to wrap my brain around this new version of work. IT'S WEIRD!

I think I love it. <3