In A Pickle

First, I had to get rid of Google Chrome.
It didn't do enough of what I needed, forcing me to use both Chrome and IE at the same time. Also, my Yahoo was acting like a big baby! I think Google and Yahoo were fighting in my Drive. Jealous little bastards, both of them.

I popped into a blog yesterday,, where the author was talking about her visit in Dallas to attend a writing conference. Alisha scooped the word for us never-been-published yahoos.

According to Alisha, the rumors that paranormal is going out the door are NOT TRUE! Historicals, going strong, STILL! Let me stop right there. I really dislike these kind of conversations. What are they supposed to do? Encourage us to write something that doesn't inspire us? Beat us down, by assuring us that nothing we are doing will be desired? *sigh* The truth is, there are just as many Romantic Suspense readers as there are Shifter and Vampire readers[...well, literacy is the key to success, even for the paranormal!].

Being in the business of writing means being aware of the trends. But it doesn't necessarily mean conforming to them. The last thing EVERY agent submission guideline I've read [for my genre] has said, it's the quality of the story, the writing that will come first. Show me a good story...and we'll see.

I'm kind of tired of the paranormal craze. I appreciate a good shifter story[Christina Dodd!!]. Have read a few great demon stories[Vicki Pettersson]. But, honestly? Even my favorite authors are starting to drop little bits of paranormal into the mix... eh. I'd like some good old-fashioned Romantic Suspense, please. Or even a plain old, Contemporary Romance--no bells, no whistles. Well, maybe a few bells...or whistles. LOL

I'll talk about Historicals another day.

What I say is, if you really like to write paranormal and sci-fi? Go For It! And good luck trying to be recognized amongst the thousands of other writers who have decided to follow the trend.

[Wow, that whole post was kind of biting, and depressing. Well, forgive an irritated lady.]