Picture Perfect

I have a few kids... ya know.
This one was picture perfect last week when we visited the National Infantry Museum.
Hope she feels the love tomorrow, because I'm going back!

and I am getting into that outside exhibit if I have to climb a frickin' fence. :P My time-travel needs inspiration! It's been waiting WEEKS for the opportunity to conspire with the MUSE.  :D

And for missing Wordless Wednesday, how can I not give you that face?!

Later this weekend, more on Self-Publishing. Promise.

[not so]Wordless Wednesday

508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, photo credit:
Sometimes, you wait for inspiration, and you think, read one more book. That will help. Watch a movie and that will help. Pray, meditate, chat, brainstorm... Read again. But then you realize, your focus has been wrong. You can't even really put a finger on it. You can't pinpoint it. But there it is--all of a sudden--staring you in the face.

An Idea!
And I don't mind admitting, an idea straight from heaven.
I know it because as soon as I start researching, details fall in to place.

I honestly feel inspired and unbelievably relieved...

I get to write a story. One set in a time I love.
How exciting is that?