Monday Goals

I don't think so.
Once I commit to a deadline, my words just don't go.
I started a manuscript yesterday. I've written 3705 through today.
Edit, Edit, Edit.
I just don't get it.
I can't do a page of writing.
Without going back and correcting.
Yay! Another Poem!
Anyway. Goals for this week.
!) write
@) critique
#) review
$) maybe revise
Don't worry. I haven't forgotten Mark and Maggie. I just needed a break. I'm still going through revisions, but as you can see if you've been following along on my blog, this is a BIG story and it's likely to get a lot bigger. I needed to step I plotted [omg! yes, I plotted a story!!!] and am now writing a story that I'm going to sub to someone. With one revision and a quick edit. I want to see what happens to it. I know my writing is good. I wonder if I'll get any responses this way.
We shall all see.
Have a great week.
God Bless.

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