Music Monday

Don't call me crazy, but I wanted to go with something a little different. Because of that, I decided to pull from the Boy Band repertoire. Above, you'll find the original, the only, Step by Step from New Kids on the Block. Even more funny were the comments. Something about how they are all so goodlooking...followed by someone saying, Youth is Beauty. Um, what? What is this nonsense?

The next video is by far more inappropriate. It's little boys all grown up, I guess you could say...yet only the words really speak of any sentimentality. LOL :D The video is a little more of the hoochie variety. *eyeroll* Let me say, though. New Kids on the Block is definitely better looking today than they were as teenagers. Give me a real man, anyday. :D *cough* (Just the one is fine, Lord..and yes, he's better looking today than he was when I fell in love with him..)