For Matt

who actually reads my blog...even if it is because I subscribed him, then got into his email and confirmed it. Hahahaha.

It's St. Valentine's Day tomorrow, and I'm so thankful for Matt.

Matt and GiGi on New Year's Eve, 07

Matt and his brothers, John and EJ, holding Thomas

Okay, well... I've got nothing of the two of us!
Bugger. I'll have to rope the kids into getting us.
I'm pretty sappy and he'll groan to hear it, but I always think of him when I hear the Brad Paisley song, She's Everything...okay it's only like two lines that remind me of him, but the whole darn song is so romantic that I get all mushy inside listening to it.
She's the giver I wish I could be... Matt is so generous. Half the time, I'm like, WHAT? You're giving more money away? And he pats the air with his hands and says, It's fine. Don't worry about it, while I choke. LOL I wish I could be that way.
...and Matt totally steals the covers!!
Thanks for stopping in on my Sap Blog.
Have a great weekend.