Saturday Snippets

Winter Craze, or also called, Another Shot in the Dark by Me

...Grabbing her arm, Tan pulled her against him, wrapping his arms around her chest and giving her a lift off the ground. Wow, she was light.

Immediately, she threw her head back, catching the side of his jaw. Pain shot through his temple. He groaned, the surprise making him drop her. She slammed her foot onto his instep, elbowed his gut, which left him breathless, then turned and kneed him in the groin.

He moaned and slowly lowered himself to the floor so he could lie in the fetal position. Holy Crap. Taken down by a sparkling princess. Thank God he was the only one around today.

She leaned over, and her hair brushed against his cheek. “How about you tell my dad I passed, and we’ll call it even.”

Not in a million years, he promised as she picked up her bag and walked out the door....

Saturday Snippets

When your kids think you're stupid
This snippet is from dinner last night:
After talking about how the school was spray painted and the front pane of glass had been smashed in by a softball, I noted my surprise that a softball could actually break that thick, exterior, tempered glass in the entry to the building. 

My oldest son: Mom, a soft ball...isn't really soft, ya know?

I admit, my blood boiled a little and I have a great snarky, sarcastic streak that comes out...sometimes when I least expect it. I have officially entered the my-kids-are-smarter-than-I phase of life.

Me: Yes! I know exactly what a softball is, thank you very much.

Saturday Snippets -- The Sandlot

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of The Sandlot... greatest movie ever. And it was featured at our Minor League Baseball Team's stadium. Which actually reminds me of the time I saw Angels in the Outfield at The Pirates' stadium in Pittsburgh, years and years ago. :D That was fun.

So, today... A snippet. :D Well, just the trailer. Someone needs to add a few more clips to youtube. ;)

Summer, don't ever end...and Saturday Snippets

Oddly enough, I'm feeling that way this year.
Everything is so relaxed.
The kids are moderately happy with almost nothing to do.
The climate in Colorado is heaven. I wish I could take the climate with me, like a blanket and drape it over our next duty station. No, I don't have a "next" duty station. I'm just saying... I haven't had my A/C on but for a few days right over that time when the fires broke out. Even on the hot days, there is a cool that blows through, and no matter what, when the sun goes down, the world becomes a perfect sixty degrees. I would like to bring my beautiful, green mid-west hills to Colorado...and maybe a lake and a few friends. ;)

As usual, trying to stay up on the blogging, I've decided to introduce Saturday Snippets. Could be from a book--mine or someone else's. Could be from a movie--I don't write movies. Or maybe just a funny snippet I heard during the week--in a conversation, eavesdropping on a conversation, on the radio. You get the idea. :D Today's snippet is brought to you by my son, Sean.

Sean: What does a soldier become?
Me: Uh, I don't know. What do you mean?
Sean: I mean, what do they become?
Right, clear as glass. Me: ...well, they can become nurses, or engineers, or--
Sean: Veterans!