Work In Progress Wednesday

The WIP is getting intense. My heroine just dropped the F bomb...and weirdly enough, it might work. Yes, I'm opposed to the F bomb, but I also realize my heroine is a woman who has lived in the world for some time now. She has turned a new leaf, yet in heightened emotional states can fall back on old, bad characteristics., the idea is to make the scene eye-opening. Create the right amount of tension and pull the reader along with her. Allow the reader to feel her pain and then the following regret and reconciliation. :D Chapter 24 is looking good. Almost done.

Thanks for hosting this Kate Karyus Quinn! It's nice to get those accomplishments in writing...and to set knew goals.

This week: Tackle Chapter 25!!!!! TWENTY-FIVE!!!!!!
Do the initial read through and revisions and [hopefully] submit right along with chapter 24. Worst case scenario, it will need some substantial revisiony rewrites... We shall see. Haven't opened it in a while.

Did 15 more minutes of stretching and abdominal workout Tuesday night. Felt good. Need to start running or something [I hate running!]. A good walk. That's it. I ATE WAY TOO MUCH OVER THE WEEKEND!

happy Writing.