Cover Reveal -- Hawk Elite Security

Cover Reveal

Thank you to Elaina Lee at For The Muse Designs. Once again, you have brought my stories to life with a visual depiction that truly is worth a thousand words.... <3 

Strike Back, Nathan and Stacy Hawkins, book 1--a story of revenge, past regrets, and uncertain futures.

Betrayed, Tancredo Byrnes and Elizabeth Witney, book 2--a bodyguard story: trust, acceptance, and finding love amidst dire circumstances.


Another month at the Grindstone

If it seems quiet, that's because I am...very quiet lately.
I've been working hard on editing a manuscript called Unwanted Vows. Nearly at the beta-read phase [where I ask regular old readers to read the story and tell me if they like it], the story has been a pleasure to work with [with which to work]. My critique partners are still making some suggestions and I'm implementing them--word usage, clarity, etc., but otherwise... I'm ready to move on.

Which is what brings me back to "the Grindstone." Or, April Bootcamp, where a bunch of writers race to get as many words written as possible in one month. The book I'm writing is a Romantic Suspense. I'd nearly given up on it and the series it comes from because I'd received no positive feedback... :P It's a series with book one written. But book one has an older couple in it. I they're almost 40!! OMG. How old. Yuck. You mean old people fall in love?! Ew, gross.

I guess marketing can't sell that very well. Apparently the obsession with youth and beauty is still going strong in our society... but don't worry. I'll get that story out eventually. I merely need to LURE the readers in with a younger version of Romantic Suspense first. Hook them to the series and the characters then throw the old people at them. :D :D

No problem.

Have a great week,
Happy Easter!
With Love,

Brain Dead

That's a little how I feel right now.
Busy week... plus all the mental energy of putting this book release together.
I'm trying to stay in a calm place. It's mostly working, but when I sit down to write something on my blog and I have no thoughts to share. I know I've thought of things to write about but without writing them down, my brain can't conjure them up.

Give me a minute....

Oh yeah. My book that comes out in a week and a day. It's the different one. I've written romantic suspense [RS] for years, when out of nowhere, I decide I'm going to squeeze out a contemporary romance. What's the difference? Mainly, the mystery and intrigue. But also, the heat level. There's something about an RS that lends itself to a few steamy[ish] scenes--what is it about life-threatening crises that makes us hold onto a loved one so desperately? Or, as we see in RS novels, makes us bond with the first attractive body that enters, stage left? 

Like I said, my book For Love or Duty is contemporary romance. It's also sweet. I'd be tempted to call it a love story because it has that feel to it, but it's not. Love story is more about growing love rather than finding love. The romance is qualified by the boy meets girl. boy and girl fall in love. boy and girl have conflict, making the reader wonder if they'll be together forever. Blackmoment... and resolution, including Happily Ever After. Mine has all that, too. It just doesn't have the sex. 

Is it a thing for me? No. I didn't do it for moral reasons. It's actually the story that drives the heat level of my books. This one did not lend itself to those kind of scenes. Timing was too short, for one. People don't really get physical within weeks of meeting each other... do they?! 

No. Don't answer that.

Last but not least, the military aspect of this book. It could be a little off. I've learned a few things since my husband joined the Army. Not enough. Army life is surely a mystery to be learned over a lifetime. My main character is a Captain... with a name like Morgan, how could he not be? He executes a job I'm pretty sure a company commander would not do. I've been told, NCOs get shit done. So, if messed up details like that really bug you... you should buy my book, anyway[what did you think? I'd discourage you?]. I don't mind being proven wrong. If you're buying my book, you can prove me the Queen of Sheba and I'd smile and ring for room service. hahaha. 

This book was a work in progress a good year before my husband joined the Army. That's my excuse for any missed/inaccurate details. As my knowledge grows, so will by work. 

That's what writing is all about. A detail here, a detail there...
Rome wasn't built in a day [and a book should never have cliches!]. :D
Come back tomorrow for my first day on the countdown to RELEASE! I'll be giving away a copy of A Knight in Her Arms by Debora Dennis. 8 DAYS!

With Love,

Trip to the PX postponed

So, i showered, got ready to go to the PX and then looked at the teary, whiny, leg-clinging baby at my feet and decided she needed a nap or I might as well shoot myself.

I'm actually sitting here editing one of my manuscripts, a novella length romantic suspense, while she sleeps. And it really hit me how I've never taken advantage of my time. What do I mean? Well, many writers will tell you, write the story then put it aside for a while. Take a break... weeks, months, you decide.

I don't usually do that. I like to push through to the end in one fell swoop.

But as I go through this manuscript again for the oh...tenth time or more, I really am seeing it with new eyes! It hit me at one point that my MC coming out with a statement about losing his sight is way too out-of-the-blue. I never saw that before, but that's probably because I was in his head enough to hear his thoughts about it... I know that sounds crazy. And really, I do NOT let my characters write their own stories, but I do listen to them.

Anyway, it's a fresh start and I'm glad for it. :D What about you? You take the time to shove your story in the corner before taking it through revisions?

BTW, best decision ever to not hit the PX first thing. It'll be nice to get out just before lunch and then splurge--in the minor[ist] of fashions--on lunch for me and the baby. It would be really nice to meet up with my hubby, too...but that's way hit or miss. :D

Have a great weekend, the last before CHRISTMAS!
With love,



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Register for free at Romance Divas, then come join us on the forums for the discussions, as well as some terrific prizes: Free books! Free critiques! Free face scrub? Yeah! :D

Fire and Ice

The last two days of the week went by quickly and uneventfully. I enjoyed Mom's Night Out at Pastabilities...The drink was good, the I've had better. I'm sorry I spent twelve dollars on it, when I could have had another drink instead. We finished the night at Katz, a martini bar. I had a Fat Tire, which is beer, but I didn't want to mix anymore liquor in there. The one I had at the first place was stroooong! The company was more than great and I met another gal, Kathy. I can't wait until next month when we do it again. Dougherty's here we come!


So, the real purpose for my blog post. Julie Garwood. Fire and Ice.


I think as writers[especially new writers], we all worry about how we're going to label our next book. Is it a cozy mystery? a romantic suspense? a chic lit?

Is it more light than dark? Serious or funny?

I picked up Fire and Ice and expected a traditional Romantic Suspense--this term bugs me to no end because it implies that the story is suspense with elements of romance, but usually an RS has strong guidelines for the Hero and Heroine and their subsequent Happily-Ever-After. That's what makes it a romance. To me, that means it's a Suspentic Romance, but hey! No one asked me.

In any case, I really liked how Mrs. Garwood put her story together. Her characters seemed so real to me. They weren't overboard emotional...though they did reveal themselves poignantly. I did end up feeling like the H/h were meant for each other, but without the drama of melodrama. [does that make any sense?]

The entire book really struck a chord with me. Maybe you'd have to read it to see what I mean... it's possible I'm not putting this to words very well. [shame on me! LOL] The romance in this book was strong, yet strong enough to take the back seat and NOT backseat-drive.

This is my writing perspective of Fire and Ice.
Tomorrow, I'll post my review for it on The Girls on Books [the link is in my sidebar. Click the pic!].

October 11, 2007

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Hope you don't get too bored!

Thirteen Lines from last night's Chat Challenge at Romance Divas

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In no Particular order.

1. “I don’t have what you want. I wouldn’t tell you what you want to know… even if I did know, which I don’t.”

2. Her apartment building sat three blocks up on the right.

3. “Information, my dear. Information will win this war.” He patted her knee. “First, I need your purse.”

4. Goosebumps rose on her cooled skin when he laughed, high pitched and evil. [speaking German]“You have something I want.”

5. She was so stupid.

6. His gaze traveled from the road to her face down over her chest and into her lap. It returned to the road when he spoke, “I can be reasonable.”

7. His quirks set him apart. Her ignorance set her apart.

8. Her lips were dry, parched from licking them and biting them. When her chin trembled she clenched her teeth and moved her head to stretch the tense muscles at the back of her neck.

9. “So, you remember.” He didn’t slam the door after situating himself behind the wheel.

10. Her feelings were bolstered by an anger she hadn’t been aware existed and if Mark were really dead, she would kill Henry herself.

11. Mark is dead.

12. Could he be that moronic? Apparently…

13. Why would a man, protected by amnesia, force his hand?

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