Friday Fanks

Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I LOVE ALLITERATION!

I should have done this yesterday. That would have made much more sense.

So, I happened to be on Goodreads this morning and I hopped over to my book's page. There were so many nice reviews!!  A couple I hadn't seen yet. :D People I don't know and who don't say they love me [or my books] because they have to. haha.

Thank you. Thank you to those who have read my book. And thanks to those who liked it and left a review for me, whether it was on Goodreads or Amazon or BN...

I feel a warm glow....

A review -- Sunday Summation

I noticed a new review on Amazon, and it was really great. I love how it pointed out the flaws. Too many 5 stars and people might wonder if it's just family. :D LOL The reader liked the book and still gave it a 4. Awesome!

I also woke today to an email from Night Owl Reviews. WhooT! 3 Stars. Another great, thoughtful review. Yeah! Go ahead, click the banner. :D

I think what I know is...I can always improve. Which I knew. Of course, I knew that... but still, it's exciting to get these small bits of feedback from the reading public. :D


Loooong WEEK!
Can't say I haven't enjoyed it, though. School cake projects, doctor appointment, grocery shopping, writing, critiquing...
I almost finished Chapter Three in Sand Bay Secrets. Whooot!
I researched publishers for Catholic Fiction... Guess what?!


Fine. I'm not concerned. My research is not over, anyway. I need to actually read some of it. THAT, my friends, that is the pudding. Unfortunately, my hopes are not that high. Maybe I should be more optimistic. Maybe I should be reading it with a different mind set...

I just want a good book, though.
Maybe I have to write it. :/ I'll keep you posted.
Perhaps a writer's review over the next month or so???
Wouldn't that be fun? Not something solely from a reader's standpoint.
More of a reflection on what's out there and how it compares to what I already know I love to read.

Is that unfair? Well that's the catch, isn't it? It's only unfair if I don't like it. :)
Should be an interesting month.

To go find something FICTION from a market that is almost non existent.
Take care my friends!
With Love,