Saturday Sweets

I keep hearing all over--on twitter and facebook--this week has been long and tedious--crappy, even.

My suggestion for those having a crappy week is to get in the kitchen and make something. There is nothing like work in the kitchen to get rid of the blues. This past Thursday I made biscuits...and though I can't say my day was bad, it didn't go as smoothly as expected. Making those biscuits was therapeutic. And for me, a mindless activity.

For something easy, you could stick to cookies.
If you want to step it up a bit and really get ambitious, do a cake...yummy chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling. That sounds so good.

For me, eventually today I'm going to do sugar cookies and then possibly a parmesan loaf for dinner--I love kneading dough! Anyhoo... here's an abbreviated version of what I do.

Take your favorite bread recipe and after letting it rise that first time, divide it into sections for 2-3 inch balls. Roll the balls in melted butter then again in a bowl of parmesan cheese. Place coated balls into a greased/sprayed bunt pan--they'll fit on top of each other. Let rise for your recipes second rising, usually about half an hour. Then bake at about 350 for 25-30 minutes.

Yum! I haven't done this in so long, I'm looking forward to dinner.