Saturday Sweets

In a wonderful moment of parenthood last night, my husband took over bed time and I went to Panera Bread. On the door it said open until 9pm. When I left at 8:58, I was suspicious that perhaps that wasn't true. There were people hanging out in there! And about five minutes previous to my exit, a guy sat down with a sandwich and a bowl of soup. :( Hey now! If I hadn't packed up all my stuff and successfully ended my time... I would have stayed.

Let me just say, I hope the next place I live has a more well-run Panera. :P I've had a few comments about this location... like the sticky floors. Always sticky floors in front of the coffee station.

Anyhoo...back to the sweets. Had a really yummy pudding/custard filled croissaint with fresh fruit on top of it. The blueberries! Yum. Today, my husband has called for blueberry pancakes. :D I love summer! I love fruit!

<--Mine was bigger, more blueberries, too.

What's your favorite summer FRUIT dessert?