FIVE SENTENCE FRIDAY [that's unlikely!]
FANTASTIC FICTION FRIDAY....Oooh, yeah. That's good.

So, we've hit the new year, and we're all busy making ourselves better.
But what I want to know is WHAT ARE YOU READING? When you get to sit down for two minutes [or more] by yourself, what is your fiction of choice?

Here's a sample of my newest paranormal romance: One Heartbeat.

With only two weeks left on earth, the saucy granddaughter of Mother Nature gambles her soul in a task meant for a guardian angel.

“Is the black t-shirt supposed to be funny?” She was talking to his back. He wore black jeans, black boots, even his hair seemed darker, and it was short. He was filthy from their bout with the ground in the alleyway. She didn’t want to think about how she looked.
She cleared her throat of the rash case of tears welling up inside of her.
Aarden stood hunched over a small desk with a laptop on it. A gray thermal blanket was strewn over a cot in the corner and a folding chair was lying on its side, as if it had been kicked over at some point.
She hadn’t known what to expect, but this utilitarian existence in an underground bunker was not even close to what she imagined. “Aarden?”
“You shouldn’t be here.” His voice was hoarse. “How in heaven did you get here, anyway?”
Was it possible for him to be bigger? Broader? Everything about him exuded menace.
“I merely thought it.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. “Apparently that’s how it works for immortals. No more spirit transport for this old girl.”
Aarden scowled. “This isn’t funny, Rachel.”
At a small chiming noise, he turned back to the oh-so-important computer behind him.
He still had a nice ass in those jeans. That hadn’t changed.
You’re not helping.
I wouldn’t dream of trying to help. A hello would be nice, though.
When Aarden turned this time, his eyes blazed with the light of passion she remembered. She took a small step toward him. “Please.”
It might have been a lifetime since she’d been in his arms. It had taken the sharp cut of denial after seeing him again to feel his absence like the great hole in her heart that it had been all along.
“I can’t.”