Under construction

Every once in a while I end up at a site that is taped off and 'under contruction.' It can be annoying when that site I'm looking for is crucial to the next part of my manuscript. I've been on the American embassy of Germany website and eyewitness history... RAF was another with pages under contruction. It brings up a question.

Has technology made us impatient? Let me tell you a little about myself...

I'm an enthusiastic library patron. I love stories! The internet has made access to those books so easy. I just get on the internet log in to the catalog and hold any book I want. No more extended periods of time browsing through narrow corridors of book-lined shelves, no index card catalog to shuffle through(thank God...those little drawers, though, are great for nails, screws, washers, nuts and bolts so don't pass up the opportunity to grab a set if you find one), no need to talk to the librarian... The problem is that I'm at a point where I don't like waiting for that copy to arrive at my branch and then the drive over...with four kids...not to mention the return trip.

When I lived in Jefferson county I started downloading books. OMG! What a wonderful discovery! I didn't have to go out. The book expired after a certain amount of time...longer than the three weeks i was allowed for prints... It was wonderful! I'm in virginia now and the library stinks. I can't find anything I want. I can't figure if there is even a download option. There are no toys for the kids...no blocks, puzzles, or word games... This isn't church, people! If you're going to have a children's section, it should have things for the toddlers to do. *Pfft*

Well, I miss my little library in Dillonvale, Ohio.

Anyway...back to the technology.

It has made me impatient! But, I'm at the beach and i've got four kids looking to get down to the water. They need bathing suits, sunscreen, and towels... So my blog looks unoriginal and boring. I'll fix it when I get home!