New Year's Eve

I have spent the last week of this year procrastinating!! It's true! I do not want to write this post. At all. The year in review is like taking medicine because it will make you feel better... but you're still taking the medicine!! Ugh! :D :D

Such a lovely, positive outlook, don't you think? haha

And 2013 has been a GREAT year. I was privileged to work with an awesome editor. I've made a story shine. I've written a couple new stories. I've had requests from more publishers. This is what we all want--as writers. To have that confirmation that we are doing something worthwhile, something other people can enjoy... telling a story that friends, family, and strangers can relate to.

It's not always about being thought-provoking or profound or nobel-prize winning. Getting to the nitty-gritty and telling a story that someone else feels. That is so satisfying. So, so, so!!

And this is why I question what I'm feeling deep inside.

It's a slightly unsettled feeling. Not DISSATISFACTION. No. That would devalue everything I've done so far this year. But a feeling that the course is due to change. And as I sit and evaluate the year before in order to make plans for the year ahead--like a good businesswoman, I have to consider all the aspects of WHY I WRITE and HOW I CAN SELL MORE.

See, the one thing I've learned this year is that not everyone will like my writing. *gasp* Don't be shocked! It's true. I am not a one-size-fits-all  variety of story. Does that even exist? No.

The truth on top of that is that if I'm not writing something I believe in, almost no one will like my stuff. Not even the people who usually LIKE my stuff will like my stuff. So, I really want to write stuff that consumes me, that makes me smile, makes me feel. Feel! Sheesh.

Is that too much to ask?

Also, I want to write a lot. I might add another daycare day to my schedule this year... maybe. Because, there's an urge there. Don't you just LOOOOOVE the urge?! :D

Start Thinking NOW!

New Year Resolutions...

Last year at this time I was quickly writing through a manuscript. Though I'm doing the same now, it feels different. This ms is novella length and headed for an epublisher. Last year's manuscript is being put through the ringer... er, being subbed to agents. :D

So, I've started thinking. What's going to be on my plate in 2010?
I have three weeks to figure it all out. Writing, School, Reading, Exercising...

Enjoy December with love and spirit[s]!