Music Monday -- Song of the Weekend

It's not intentional, but we listen to so much music around here, it's not unusual to get on a kick and listen to a song a few times over those lazy, long summer days. This past weekend was P!nk's Just Give Me a Reason. So, we'll start the week with it...

and then leave it behind for a while. :) Enjoy! It's a little risque, case you want to be warned...just flip a tab and you can listen instead of watch. ;) I love the lyrics to this song...

Music Monday

Before I start, I had an awesome Mother's Day. I have a husband who goes into protective overdrive on Mother's Day. He keeps the kids in line for me. He is ultra sensitive to how I'm doing and making sure I'm doing what I want to do. And this year, he planned a nice outing after dinner for ice cream at Culvers. The weather was perfect. The house was peaceful--for the most part [even mother's day can't stop a little bit of bickering. :D]. I am truly blessed by my entire family.

But, it's also true... I have mixed feelings about Mother's Day. There are two perspectives. One, appreciating my own mother and grandmother. Being so full of love and respect for all they have done. I can feel that. But then there's this other side of the coin...

As a mother, how do I really tell them what I want? Despite the love I have for my family [and I do have lots of love for them], what I really want is silence...solitude...a getaway. I want to not have to deal with any of them. I want what I never get--to be a person, separate from anyone else. I want an end of the day with no holds barred couple time...

But that's a great way to really show your family that you deserve Mother's Day, right? ...NOT.

I think part of the problem is that Mother's Day has this...give Mom a break theme. But, that's not the bottom line, and it's media and modern society [Hallmark!]that has messed with our conception of what Mother's Day is about. It's not about giving her a break; it's about honoring her for all she does. Maybe that means a gift. Maybe that means an extra hug or a note sharing your appreciation. But like so much in recent years--the heart of the "holiday" has been lost to commercialism. Buy her this. Buy her that... diamonds, iPads, sweaters. Blah!

And even the good[ish] Mother's [like myself] can get caught up in the wrong ideas. I don't really need a break. I would never be so crass as to turn my back on the family who is honoring me and loving me. The truth is, sometimes, all we have is family.

And I have the best, which became even more evident on the way home from dropping the kids off at school this morning. My two-year-old was singing along to the song Africa by Toto. Then when it was over she said, "I like that song." :D What?! I know! Crazy. LOL :D

Music Monday

I've decided to add a little Monday Music again. Something different each week. Something to start the week off right...hopefully.

This video is actually a snippet of the Stella Sisters, from the show Nashville, which I don't watch at all, but I do love these two young ladies and their singing voices. So, I hope you enjoy.

I'm looking forward to a great week of writing...
What about you? You have anything to look forward to?
With Love,

Music Monday

Where is the line between apology and regret?

Have you ever been sorry for something, but not regretted what happened?  Is that even possible?  I have this contradiction within myself and debate this topic in quiet moments.  Is it possible to regret an act but not the outcome or result? 

It has to be. And though, as a Christian, there are so many things I've done wrong. Choices, looking back, I might [maybe] change... everything in my life has brought me to where I am now.  How can I regret that?

I don't think I can.
Enjoy the song. Great voice. Thoughtful words to encourage us to look ahead and see the blessings we have.

Music Monday

Well, I caught this one after my youngest came home from school claiming to sing the song, Stuck Like Glue, during class. When I played this song, though, he said, "Not that one!" :D But we enjoyed this one, too. Alot. Hope you do to. I love the story in the video. It's fun. Enjoy Sugarland. I just love how the guitar player sits on the couch, watching everything the crazy broad is doing. :D

For what it's worth, I've always wanted to eat a cake that way... just straight off the creation. No pieces inihibiting my portion. :D Well, maybe some day. LOL

Music Monday

Well, I've been on facebook a good while now, and I'm noticing a trend, especially recently--not sure why. People LOVE talking smack about their spouses on facebook. Now, some of these people I know love their hubbies or wives...some, I don't know them enough to really judge. Mostly, though, I can't stand it. I get sick reading it. I mean, we all want to pull our hair out over a spouse on occasion. We all have been so spitting mad, we're not sure we can ever talk to our spouse ever again. Isn't this part of life? Isn't this part of growing and learning to love?

The thing is, if you're angry, please don't put it out there for the world to see and hear. Sometimes, life should be private! I like my life private. I like people to know that my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me. If my husband screws up, I don't want everyone to know about it. I care too much about him, about his reputation, about his feelings, to throw it out there so that people can now think less of him.

Do you WANT me to think less of your hubby? *sigh* Don't answer that. It's possible you do, but you know what? I can't. Because if you're on facebook calling someone an A-hole, it's more likely YOU that I'm thinking less of. :( Just my rant for the day.

You're going to love this video. It's for all the Dads out there. The GREAT dads who are also husbands--good, bad and ugly. :D

Music Monday

Not sure what made me think of this song, but I think it's tender. Just alternative enough to satisfy that edge in my repertoire of music favorites. Fall begins the season of looking back, of contemplation. Quiet days and figuring out how the year has gone. Brandi Carlile's Turpentine speaks to that urge.

Enjoy it! the way, if you get this message in your inbox, you have to click on the heading in your email, either Music Monday OR Bethanne Writes and it will take you to my blog where you can actually watch the video if you have time and are interested. Love you all.