Music Monday

Before I start, I had an awesome Mother's Day. I have a husband who goes into protective overdrive on Mother's Day. He keeps the kids in line for me. He is ultra sensitive to how I'm doing and making sure I'm doing what I want to do. And this year, he planned a nice outing after dinner for ice cream at Culvers. The weather was perfect. The house was peaceful--for the most part [even mother's day can't stop a little bit of bickering. :D]. I am truly blessed by my entire family.

But, it's also true... I have mixed feelings about Mother's Day. There are two perspectives. One, appreciating my own mother and grandmother. Being so full of love and respect for all they have done. I can feel that. But then there's this other side of the coin...

As a mother, how do I really tell them what I want? Despite the love I have for my family [and I do have lots of love for them], what I really want is silence...solitude...a getaway. I want to not have to deal with any of them. I want what I never get--to be a person, separate from anyone else. I want an end of the day with no holds barred couple time...

But that's a great way to really show your family that you deserve Mother's Day, right? ...NOT.

I think part of the problem is that Mother's Day has this...give Mom a break theme. But, that's not the bottom line, and it's media and modern society [Hallmark!]that has messed with our conception of what Mother's Day is about. It's not about giving her a break; it's about honoring her for all she does. Maybe that means a gift. Maybe that means an extra hug or a note sharing your appreciation. But like so much in recent years--the heart of the "holiday" has been lost to commercialism. Buy her this. Buy her that... diamonds, iPads, sweaters. Blah!

And even the good[ish] Mother's [like myself] can get caught up in the wrong ideas. I don't really need a break. I would never be so crass as to turn my back on the family who is honoring me and loving me. The truth is, sometimes, all we have is family.

And I have the best, which became even more evident on the way home from dropping the kids off at school this morning. My two-year-old was singing along to the song Africa by Toto. Then when it was over she said, "I like that song." :D What?! I know! Crazy. LOL :D

Happy Mother's Day

Here's something funny--funny ironic, not funny haha.

Sometimes being a mother is trying and confusing yet unexplainably rewarding and filled with love. Sometimes, when I think back on my childhood and adolescence, I remember wishing for different parents [a different mom]--how could mine be so strict when those Dorans and Dewitts were allowed to do so much--like date! haha.

Now, when I look back, I just see the deep, wide river of motherhood with spots of heavy rapids and lots of rocks and stretches of calm, cool waters, and I realize one thing...

We're in the same boat now. :D

Happy Mother's Day to all you crazy, strict, eccentric, embarrassing, yet all-in-all loving mothers out there.