Monday Goals

it's what I'm using right now. Google Chrome. It has pluses and minuses. Plus one, my computer isn't running like crazy. Chrome runs low key. It doesn't have the same add-on smorgasbord that IE does. What this means is[minus one], I can't access youtube or any of my chat/IM devices in this window. I was going to get rid of IE--cause what a pain it can be--but, I need my add-ons. :D
This will be another busy week. Outside of work, the family is going to Michigan for Easter and Little Matt is making his first communion. The garden is getting started. The big clothing switch has to happen. Matt has year end tax work for his company to do and I would LOVE to get this ms completely revised and ready to go. :P Right. No problem.

Sorry to be so boring today.
Have a blessed Holy Week.
PS Just found this. It proves I'm not boring after all. :D

Muesday Goals

I say Muesday because this should be Monday. I mean, where is time going??? It flies out windows, seeps through cracks in my basement, hides in the bed of my husband's truck when he leaves in the morning for work... It's insanity!

I had a nice get together at my house this morning. Made cake and coffee. Chatted with the ladies. Nice, really nice.

Work on my manuscript is slow-going, but going well. I have nothing new to report. It's SSDD.

I'd like to mentione quickly before I go that The Wild Rose Press publishing house has opened a set of new doors. White Rose Publishing. I'm very hopeful about this...not because I write inspirational or Christian fiction as required by the industry guidelines, but I feel this is a new chapter in epublishing, one that will combat the growing and somewhat valid perception of the internet as a place to get porn...or crappily written romance.

Remember the days when, if you had a beeper it meant you were a drug dealer? Or wearing sunglasses meant you were on drugs? Well those days are over, and hopefully, the connection of internet and porn will become just as obsolete with a new rise in epublishing. Not that porn will become obsolete... too bad, but there you have it.

Enjoy your week!
I know I'm enjoying mine.

A Servant's Heart--and goals

I don't usually preach on my blog...and I'm not going to now, either, but in case you can't tell from my blog, I'm a Christian. If the handy-dandy, clickable picture in the sidebar wasn't enough[you don't always see it], hopefully you left here thinking, that's that really nice blogger, a little sarcastic, funny and hardworking, with the lovey-dovey pictures in the header. [these are all better things than, that's that blogger who is so mean to everyone! and talks nasty about everyone!]

Story telling is kind of my thing. I like to tell stories. And this one has a definite parable-type feel to it. I think, if Jesus had come today, he would use this story in order to get a point across...

There was a man who grew up to be a carpenter. He loved wood of all kinds. In his workshop, he created such beautiful things--tables, frames, chairs, paperclip menu holders... This man was also known to get down and dirty on a construction site. He could build walls, remodel bathrooms, lay tile, patch a roof. If he had a tool in his hand, this man was happy.

There came a day, one with winds so fast, his neighbor's roof blew off. The shingles, in a mighty gust, ripped from the tar and boards. This man ran to help. He grabbed that hammer and some roofing nails. He hauled blocks of wood, bricks and stones to hold down what was still clinging.

And the neighbors were grateful.

When the man came home, he found the toilet paper roll empty. Dagnabit, he exclaimed. Who was the last person to use the bathroom, he wanted to know! Of course, no one knew. He used that restroom, anyway.

Later, his wife used the same restroom, and there was that roll of toilet paper sitting on the back of the toilet, while the cardboard tubing rested on the toilet paper roll.

Jesus would ask, did this man have the heart of a servant? The crowds would roar, yes! He did, Lord. When his neighber was in need, he helped.

But Jesus would quietly reply, No. I tell you. The servant's heart would go out of his way to serve, doing something he so adamantly despises. He sacrifices nothing to hold that hammer and pound a few nails, but to uncoil the rod and replace the toilet paper, speaking not of the agony he suffers in order to serve his family and wife, that is what a true servant would do.

Monday goals. Had a very busy week past. Must get more done this time around. :) Wish me luck!

Monday Goals

Last night, Matt said, "We could watch an episode of Arrested Development."

"Okay," I replied, closed down my work on the computer and settled onto the couch with a blanket and my book.

Matt followed me into the living room and proceded to putz around with the entertainment center, closed the blinds, too...

I finished the paragraph I'd been reading and looked up. "Aren't we going to watch a Bluth?"

"You mean now?" he asked with that look in his eyes. [No! Not that one. The blank one.]

"Yeah, come on. I could be writing," I said as he walked by me to go change into some sweats.

"TYPING!" He called out.

I laughed. "That's right. I'm a typer. I've been typing for about 5 years."

Really though, aren't we writers because a long time ago people with a story to tell actually used a pen and paper? They wrote. Well, unless I'm plotting or Keyboardless, I rarely write anymore. I type. I'm a typer. An aspiring Novelist, NOT an aspiring romance writer. LOL Just a thought...
It's Monday. I've reached 38, 252 words. It's like being able to see the end but not wanting to get my hopes up too much, because it's still a lot of work ahead of me.
1. Write at least 2K
2. Crit something
3. Again, Blog
4. Read a book

Thankful to be Home -- Monday Goals

I worked a total of about 30 minutes over the holiday weekend.

My hubby and I took the kids to my sister's house in Michigan. She has seven kids. I have four. They had a BLAST! It would be wonderful to live near them... Maybe someday.

My entire family was there, so it was a good time for everyone. Kate lives at the top of a hill. Out her front door is a nice, long drop to the road that sent the kids into winter extreme heaven. Imagine--7 boys, one girl, 5 sleds and snow--my sister and I didn't hear from the kids for GOBS of time. It was awesome! They live off the main road a good ways so there was almost no worry. One busted lip, which is par for the course--just part of growing up. :)

When Saturday finally rolled around, my third had decided it was time to go home. The poor little trooper made it through most of the day without a complaint, but by bedtime, he had informed me several times that it was time to go home. There is nothing like going home...

It's regularly scheduled programming.
It's not forgetting where the bathroom is and having an accident.
It's a light in the hallway at night.
It's finding your mom where you expect her to be.
It's watching TV when you're in stimulation overload and need a break.
It's having your older sibling's attention.
It's where the heart is....

Ba dump, pshhhhh. <--it's too corny not to end with the old drum and cymbals joke fanfare.

This week.
  1. write a lot. i mean, alot, alot.
  2. blog--must get back into it, even if it means being boring
  3. read a book
  4. love my babies
  5. love my man
  6. love God

Speaking of God. I was so irritated with this [possibly, but i'm a cynic] down-on-his-luck-guy at a rest area today. He came up to our car, told us he was a Christian minister, gave us a story about a son he lost in Iraq, pointed out his Ford Ranger and described how he used to have a bigger better truck...could we spare a few dollars. Ugh! I was so irritated. When my hubby said, "No. I'm sorry. I don't have any cash." The guy actually scoffed, made a comment about how nobody would help him. I couldn't believe the gall. And he used Jesus [and a son who may or may not exist and who may or may not have died in Iraq] to...what? Shame people into giving him money? Now, if the guy had run out of gas and needed a helping hand, he should have just asked for it. I'm more than willing to help out someone in need. Don't play me, though. I hate that.

Have a great week everyone.

Monday Goals


This week, I'm working on staying true to my Hero and Heroine. I wrote the start of scene last night where the hero shows up at the heroine's house. He's had a rough night and is ready to throw down the gauntlet [so to speak]...


She smiles as thoughts of Oh, yeah, now there's a man run through her head. LOL. Okay, maybe not quite so blatant, but still her feelings are not being curbed. Her internal conflict has been set up. She wants to be strong and find herself before she starts sharing herself again. She's supposed to be holding him off, not accepting dates willy-nilly! :P

This is what becomes his issue....right? He wants to see if they are compatible, finally after all these years and he doesn't understand why she would hold him at arm's length.

Anyway, if she doesn't do her thing, he can't do his thing....and they get together and the story is over. NOT GOOD! So, I'll spend today managing that scene before I continue...

Doing a Fast Draft of sorts over at Passionate Critters.

My goal is to do 2000 words a day. [i thought 1500 but I'm pretty behind on Nano as well, so I'm going to try to make it up this week]

NANO count right now: 23,ooo words

...the boy is calling me. He wants me to make soup. ARGH. Like I said, one kid is WAY more work than two. I love him to death AND I really want to get some writing done. :(

Monday Goals

In my less is more experiment, I've reached 12,765 words since November 1st. I've taken a few times to think ahead and plot a scene or two, might need to do that before I get into anything tomorrow, as well. This story is so much fun. Anyway...

1) Write 1500 words a day
2) Critique 2 chapters--I think I only did one last week.

I was so unfocused today! Very scatterbrained. I can't list one thing productive I did today, except laundry. I came to the computer a few times, but nothing happened. :P Answered a few emails...found out my cousin is going to be a DAD! Yay Mike. Prayed for a woman in Virginia who's been in a coma and the doctors have told her parents to prepare for the worst. [say a pray please!] Talked to the Man who informed me that the Tower of London is soooo cool[Beefeaters actually live there with their entire families!][btw, is it bee-featers or beef-eaters? JK]. The house he's staying in is covered in hand-carved wood from floor to ceiling[it's like being in heaven].


No wonder my brain isn't focused. Way too much going on. :D
Have a great week.
Read a book for crying out loud! It's not going to kill you.

Monday Goals

I don't think so.
Once I commit to a deadline, my words just don't go.
I started a manuscript yesterday. I've written 3705 through today.
Edit, Edit, Edit.
I just don't get it.
I can't do a page of writing.
Without going back and correcting.
Yay! Another Poem!
Anyway. Goals for this week.
!) write
@) critique
#) review
$) maybe revise
Don't worry. I haven't forgotten Mark and Maggie. I just needed a break. I'm still going through revisions, but as you can see if you've been following along on my blog, this is a BIG story and it's likely to get a lot bigger. I needed to step I plotted [omg! yes, I plotted a story!!!] and am now writing a story that I'm going to sub to someone. With one revision and a quick edit. I want to see what happens to it. I know my writing is good. I wonder if I'll get any responses this way.
We shall all see.
Have a great week.
God Bless.

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Monday Goals

My thoughts are pretty scattered right now.
I'm revising my way through Chapter 8 and waiting on crits for Chapters 2 and 3.
I'm making a list for layering when this revision is complete...

Did you know London was in a floodplain? No? Me either. I learned that this week...and must make a few minor adjustments because of it. couple of key scenes at the beginning... :P

Speaking of layering, does anyone else do this?
This ms took me by surprise from its creation and I've found myself doing draft upon draft of layering. A few times, the changes have been large enough to not finish one draft, but to return to the beginning to begin the new layer from there. I'm trying to decide if this is at all efficient. Perhaps the fact that I'm not on a deadline is key. I just keep working to make the story fuller, better.

How about you? Do you layer?