A Servant's Heart--and goals

I don't usually preach on my blog...and I'm not going to now, either, but in case you can't tell from my blog, I'm a Christian. If the handy-dandy, clickable picture in the sidebar wasn't enough[you don't always see it], hopefully you left here thinking, that's that really nice blogger, a little sarcastic, funny and hardworking, with the lovey-dovey pictures in the header. [these are all better things than, that's that blogger who is so mean to everyone! and talks nasty about everyone!]

Story telling is kind of my thing. I like to tell stories. And this one has a definite parable-type feel to it. I think, if Jesus had come today, he would use this story in order to get a point across...

There was a man who grew up to be a carpenter. He loved wood of all kinds. In his workshop, he created such beautiful things--tables, frames, chairs, paperclip menu holders... This man was also known to get down and dirty on a construction site. He could build walls, remodel bathrooms, lay tile, patch a roof. If he had a tool in his hand, this man was happy.

There came a day, one with winds so fast, his neighbor's roof blew off. The shingles, in a mighty gust, ripped from the tar and boards. This man ran to help. He grabbed that hammer and some roofing nails. He hauled blocks of wood, bricks and stones to hold down what was still clinging.

And the neighbors were grateful.

When the man came home, he found the toilet paper roll empty. Dagnabit, he exclaimed. Who was the last person to use the bathroom, he wanted to know! Of course, no one knew. He used that restroom, anyway.

Later, his wife used the same restroom, and there was that roll of toilet paper sitting on the back of the toilet, while the cardboard tubing rested on the toilet paper roll.

Jesus would ask, did this man have the heart of a servant? The crowds would roar, yes! He did, Lord. When his neighber was in need, he helped.

But Jesus would quietly reply, No. I tell you. The servant's heart would go out of his way to serve, doing something he so adamantly despises. He sacrifices nothing to hold that hammer and pound a few nails, but to uncoil the rod and replace the toilet paper, speaking not of the agony he suffers in order to serve his family and wife, that is what a true servant would do.

Monday goals. Had a very busy week past. Must get more done this time around. :) Wish me luck!