Right Lane Closed, Merge left

Matt and I were driven off the road yesterday by some DA in a semi who thought it was his job to police. It was a ballsy move of him to drive into our lane and even onto the shoulder just so we couldn't pass. But pass him we did.

I get so irritated when we drive up to a construction zone in which one lane is closed. For miles, people will be waiting in line in order to REACH the merge point. We can't possibly be the only people who realize that the lane isn't closed until the project managers have actually SET UP the road blocks, right???? Why? Why do people sit in a miles long line while there is a perfectly usable lane right next to them?

[def-MiriamWebster]MERGE: 1. archaic : to plunge or engulf in something : immerse

2. to cause to combine, unite, or coalesce

3. to blend gradually by stages that blur distinctions

No where does the definition imply making a straight line. NO WHERE does it imply that we are kindergarteners and there will be NO CUTTING. I like the third definition best... to blend gradually. As in taking turns at the merge point. Grrr. As a matter of fact, in Pittsburgh Matt and I have both seen signs that actually say, Use Both Lanes to Merge Point.

So, tell me. Do you sit in that long a$$ line? Do you also believe there is some unwritten rule that the road is first come, first serve? Or are you [smart] like me and feel free to use the unused road in front of you?

...I wish I'd gotten that truck driver's license number. What a jerk.

On a better note, I'M HOME!!!! THANK THE GOOD LORD!