Letters for Thursday

August 12, 2027
Dear Mrs. Thursday Matthews,
This memo is to remind you of your committment to volunteer with the PTA this coming Saturday at the Annual County Steer Roast. Thank you so much for offering your services in the dunking tank again this year. My husband, Mitch, asks that you please not wear anything that could be too revealing when wet, for example a white t-shirt. Though your enthusiasm last year was unrivaled, we don't want to give the wrong impression to the townsfolk. After all, this is a family event.
Marjorie Kemp
PTA president

August 22, 2026
Hey Babe,
The kids loved seeing you get dunked! Especially Timmy. He couldn't stop laughing, and I almost dropped him he was so wiggly in my arms, jumping up and down like a monkey. I think everyone was surprised when it was Mitch who finally made the winning toss. He must be ninety and not a day younger. Don't let that Marge woman's sniping get to you. You looked beautiful, even soaking wet...okay, maybe especially soaking wet, but I'm allowed to notice.
With you, there has never been a dull moment (THANK GOD!).
I love you,

...and the kids love you, too.
John, Parker, Rose and Timmy

Letters for Thursday

In case you missed it, I'd like to introduce you to Thursday, a woman with the force of thunder behind her. She is sassy and confident, yet cares about the people around her. She often has a hard time admitting when she's wrong, but in the end she likes to make things right. Last week we saw her through her mother's eyes...


You've always been bluntly direct with me, so I'd like to return the favor. We had some really great times. Our wedding would have been beautiful and there's no question that any kids we might have made would be gorgeous like me, and smart like you, but by the time you get this, I'll be on my way with Cassandra to the Fiji Islands.

You know it wasn't working. You've been unhappy for weeks.
I'm sure you'll thank me someday but for now, feel free to cry a bit and remember me fondly.

Dear Joey,
There isn't anything more I could wish for than for you [and that bimbo] to crash onto a deserted island and be stranded there for the next 20 years. You're right about one thing. I haven't been happy. Thanks for showing me why.
Not likely to cry a single tear,


Just to clear up any confusion [so sorry! What an idiot I am not to think of this!] Thursday is a character. What better way to open up a day for blogging with something new, right?

So each week will feature another letter to Thursday. Perhaps from her mother, a friend, a hubby. I like the idea of seeing snippets of her life, and not always in order.

I hope you'll join me, getting to know her.
Have an awesome weekend!
With Love,
Bethanne :D

Letters for Thursday

Dear Thursday,
Three days ago you fell off your bike and into the Murray ravine. Scared the day lights out of me! But you're nine now. Still my rough and tumble tom-boy even when I get a glimpse of the young lady you will become. Your knee is bloody and bruised, and your wrist needs a brace. Doc Ryder put eight stitches in your head then gave you a coupon for the Brown Cow. May gave you a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles.

I don't imagine it's something you'll forget, but I find myself writing it down for you anyway like I've done on other important events since the day you were born.

You'll always be the exciting thunder in my day,