Up for a Jump -- Miracle Monday

My husband is jumping out of a plane tomorrow and we get to watch. I'm struck by how family friendly a career in the Army can be. When my husband attended his accounting classes, I didn't get to watch or cheer him on. When he took his CPA exams, I didn't get to watch then either! I know!!! And I really wanted to, too. All those numbers... so exciting. ;) What a turn on, the pencil scribbling, the mumbling about codes and taxes. I love that. [okay, time out. Matt used to talk about taxes in a way that made me love him...so, I can't totally sarcastic those thoughts!]

There's a strange balance between serious and exciting in our life now. The training is exciting. I like that I can bring the kids and they can see what dad's doing. Even when we can't be where he is, we often get updates from the company commander, sometimes even through Facebook with photos and videos. It makes it a family affair.

Of course, the need for the training is serious. But knowing he's getting trained helps and being able to see that he gets it done right makes me feel better.

You wanna know what the miracle is [even if it IS a day early]?
Matt, as long as I've known him, has hated heights. Never liked the roofing jobs and would tie himself off in an OCDish manner compared to others who wouldn't even bother. He isn't really scared of being up there...just extra cautious. In a good way, though. I mean, he's never had an accident, ya know? :D So, there you have it. It takes guts, strength and a little bit of miracle to get up there and jump off a plane. :D

Have a great week, friends!
I know I will--5 jumps and a graduation on Wednesday. Hooah!
I love my soldier.