Music Monday -- Listen to Your Heart

Guess whose Birthday it is today? John Cusack.
I like John Cusack, better yet, I like his movies. And his sister is hilarious. So, though I'm not in love with John Cusack... no I don't have posters hanging in my closet! Nor do I make a cake every year and tell everyone that it's just your run-of-the-mill June 28th summer celebration. I don't systematically go through and borrow all his movies from the library, either. No. I just admire his career, from classic movies like Stand by Me to modern popular comedies like America's Sweethearts. I debated between a great Grosse Point Blank movie clip and this more sentimental collaboration made for some chic who actually does LOVE him. And since it's MUSIC monday, I guess we'll go with Roxette's Listen to Your Heart. :D

Have a great week!