Another one bites the dust...

A long time ago, Unions had a place in our world.
Today, not so much...

Thanks to the largely unreasonable efforts of another Union to demand more, Hostess Cakes has shut its doors. No more Twinkies... no more Ding Dongs. I mean, DING DONGS! A company that can name a cake Ding Dong should be allowed, well... anything.

Hostess Goes Out of Business

This is a familiar story in our country. The steel mills, Wheeling Pitt, in the Ohio Valley. Gone. Why? Because people are dumb. And they suck donkey winky. No one just wants to work. No one is grateful for work... they want more, more, more. Then they hire some stupid idiot to come in and "negotiate" for them, and when that doesn't go well, they strike.

WELL, TRY STRIKING NOW, YOU DUMBASSES! Or better yet...would you like a job? I hear McDonald's is hiring...

Cheers, to Hostess for not giving in to the demands.
Sad, for everyone else who really like eating the cake that was rumored to be able to survive a nuclear blast and armegeddon.

Enjoy this coming Holiday Week.
With Love,