Looking Back *wince*


Sometimes, looking back can be a bit depressing. The actual goal accomplishment could be considered lacking. I didn't finish the ww2. I'm not even going to finish the catagory I started in November for Nano [although, i'm so close...i may just call it a win :P].
In the midst of another familial transition, aka moving to a cornfield, I can still attest to several satisfying moments.

12 months of not getting pregnant

10 new critique partners and friends at Passionate Critters.

8 weeks to finish a catagory-length romance

6 birthdays

4 seasons survived without gaining anymore weight

2 things I learned about my writing

1 couple, still happily married

I learned confidence this year. It took months of sometimes agonizing review and gads of solicited advice to realize...

I can write.

I learned that I can edit and with a few helpful readers and critiquers, I can succeed.

Monday Night Goalposts

Just a quickie, cuz I'm feeling a little behind... ;)

Oh wow. I just went in search of my last Goalpost...is was THREE weeks ago!
Last[three weeks ago] Goalpost:
1) Finish Chapter one revisions, again. No problem. -- I was in the midst of a layering revision, into chapter four when I was interrupted by the critiques, sooo I'm trying to remember exactly what it was I was layering in. Maybe I'll remember. -- No such luck. That's okay. If you've kept up over the last couple of weeks, you'd know that I'm through with crazy critiquing. Overwhelmed and not appreciating my own writing style, I almost ruined a fine sample of manuscript by over-changing it. If you're a writer, you've heard of what happens when you do one too many revisions...

2) Do a critique or two. -- I've done several in the past couple of weeks...and i'll continue doing them. They keep my skills sharp. ;-)

3) Finish reading The Road and Natural Born Charmer. -- Both DONE! and very satisfying. My review for Natural Born Charmer is over at www.girlsonbooks.com.

An exciting thing happened to me this week. I joined Passionate Critters. I had been desperately seeking a smaller critique group that I could invest my time in...and have others invest their time in me, and getting to know me. After this last critique fiasco, I knew I needed people who I could know on a more personal level than say...anonymous. I'm very hopeful about this group. I've been there only a day, but already I feel like one of the girls.

This week in GOALPOSTS:
1)Finish a few critiques and finish a beta read I started this past weekend--i'm really enjoying myself on this one!

2)Do final precrit revisions for chapter 3,4,5.... just keep working, basically.

3) Read Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief.
~I was so mad when I got to the doctor's office today and didn't have this book with me... A lost opportunity, for sure. :(

Monday Night Goalposts

Last Week
1) rewrite Switzerland scene~Will do that in the next couple of days.
FINITO!!! Plus, worked through C14-C16.

2) read Tribute, Nora Roberts' new hardcover single title. I'm so happy! From page one, it had a different feel to it. It's been refreshing so far and I love it.
Still NOT finished with this one, but picked up The Road, my bookclub read for this month of September.

3) My goal this week is to get a query letter started. It's time...
Did not touch this...OOPS.

This Week
1) Write query Letter.

2) Read/Revise through...hmm, the end? NO. that won't work because I don't have an end. Up to the end. Consider ending options, including the one already written... Write trip to France<--Big addition. Don't screw it up.

3) Critique one or two more chapters

Monday Night Goalposts

My story made me weepy...
Just a little. Thank goodness the Man had gone to bed. He'd wonder what the heck I was doing writing a story that makes me cry!

I guess this'll be my goalpost for the week. I'm late...not to mention I didn't do it last week or the week before. Sooooo, here it goes.

Giving Back
I did get back into RWCcritique, so I've been doing about 2 critques a week there. I want to continue that pace and build up some subworthiness. LOL At RWC we have to do 2 critiques for every submission. Idealistically, i want to be able to put my own ms through pretty quickly once I get started...so, having a surplus of critiques will be a good thing.

Otherwise, I'm still working with Estelle and a little with Lauren, but I'm trying to make a better balance for myself. :)

For me
1) rewrite Switzerland scene
~finished through chapter 12 and plowed into 13 with more of this scene from Switzerland. I borrowed a movie from the library, a tour of Switzerland. Really interesting and helpful. I have one, maybe two more scenes in the mountains before I can head back to the all ready present plot line. :) Will do that in the next couple of days.

2) reread 7 books -Gave up on some of the rereading. My story took over, and I picked up a few new, must reads. Right now I'm doing Tribute, Nora Roberts' new hardcover single title. I'm so happy! From page one, it had a different feel to it. It's been refreshing so far and I love it.

3) My goal this week is to get a query letter started. It's time...

Monday Night Goalposts

Well, it's the start of a new school year tomorrow. I have three kids who will scamper off the wonderfully scheduled world of classrooms and assignments, recess and new friends. Unlike while at home, they will actually have something to do. :D

For me this will mean a few [or several, if I'm lucky] extra hours to write in the week. Yay! [Imagine in October when ALL the kids will be in school! Eeeek!]

Inspired by my dear friend, Moira Keith, I am going to start posting my weekly goals here on Monday night. I want to be disciplined...if even just a little bit. :D

August 18, 2008 - Critique week:
1) Finish C5,6,7 for Leigh Royals
2) Continue work through Lauren Murphy's ms...a few more chapters
3) Keep up with CP, Estelle Harte. Critiques, recritiques--her story is going to rock! I'm very excited for her. A contemporary romance for the American Story line at Harlequin. Go Estelle!
For me:
1) rewrite Switzerland scene.
2) reread 7 books [if I have time ;-)] You know, in between everything else...

With football season approaching... I wonder, why is the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio? I've been there a dozen times [Canton, I mean] or more... still I don't know.