Friday Five

I am so thankful for the end of this week...
and it's ending with a bang. Had to make a doctors appointment for my son who is covered in some kind of rash. Looks like poison ivy, but it's bad! Grrr... tired of that office. haha.

If this were fiction friday, I'd write a story about a lady who is completely bored, has no errands to run and...only one perfectly behaved child. But it did occur to me that I've been bitching alot lately about my life--how busy it is, how frantic I am. Blah, blah, blah.

This Friday, I am going to write a list of all the things I am grateful for, in no particular order:
1. I can look back on the last five years and see God working in my life. That's something to think about... usually hindsight is 20/20 a lot later for me. haha. :D I'm thankful for my church and the people who have touched my life.

2. My writing group, who has seen me through so much and still likes me when I'm so annoying that I annoy myself. You really can not replace a good writing group of friends.

3. My family, my husband [i'll leave him out of this one, because if you don't know I love my husband, you obviously haven't been paying attention] and children. I've come to such a realization lately. It is very hard to parent kids who are over 10. Comparatively, it's easy when they are little. How is it that love becomes awkward? Am I just lacking in something? I don't know, but I'm grateful for the moments when I see myself clearly and can be stricken to change. Because, I want to love my kids like I did when it was easy...and full of snuggles and kisses and hugs...even when they are too old for it. More touches because when we lose that, it's very sad.

4. Silly as it sounds, I'm grateful to have a clean car. I know how hard it is to keep a clean car. My kids get annoyed because they have to help clean it. And occasionally I get annoyed because my husband is pretty tight about it. BUT, all that aside, I am so happy to have a car that isn't sticky, littered and/or cluttered.

5. I'm grateful for the busyness that proves I am alive....

even if it drives me insane!! :D

Friday Five

Five LINES from my current WIP -- because then I'm combining Friday Five with Fiction Friday.


       Molly’s heart pounded as she drove down the road toward home. Three years since Charlie’s death was long enough to be dealing with the aftermath. It seemed like each time she overcame another obstacle, there was one more waiting around the corner...

That darn money. She was going to find it, if it was the last thing she did.

It's the weekend, friends!
Enjoy it, revel in it, find peace.
With Love,

Friday Five

Spring is on the Way

1. Daffodils are blooming
2. Rain is always in the forecast
3. Allergies plague us
4. I can't sit still and have this great need to get out of the house and do something
5. Love is in the....

Whoa. Hold on there a second, little lady. It's only March 1st! Love is NOT in the air. Get back in that cabin! Hole up for another month and get some of that winter work finished. This season is NOT over yet.

Friday Five

Here we are again for Friday Five with my Five Favorite Candle Scents.

1. Hazelnut -- for fall. I just love when the weather cools off and I light that warm scent of hazelnut and coffee. Mmmm.

2. Apples and Berries -- what is it with me and fall? I love adding the scent of apples to those warm fall days.

3. Linen -- Glade has a clean linen scent that--oddly enough--I really like. It's not too harsh and reminds me of days at the beach house. Weird, huh?

4. Island Breezes...or no, Moonlit Walk -- I like something exotic, especially during the summer. I don't want fruity smells or sweet flowery smells, either, but these two have always been pleasers for me. More subtle than the floral arrangments, they sooth and float in the background.

Last but not least,
5. Pine/Cinnamon/Christmas -- I like something for the winter months. The pine has to be high quality, otherwise you feel like you're in a motel room. Iiiick. :P

What about you? Do you like candles? What's your favorite go-to scent?

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Friday Five

Another FRIDAY!!!
Can you believe how fast the weeks go?
After today, I have TWO MORE Fridays before I see my husband again.
:D :D :D :D :D :D

So...back to the matter at hand.
Friday Five.
Five Damsel in Distress Scenarios that we all love or hate
1. Your classic, helpless Damsel who needs a Knight in Shining Armor--I can take this sometimes. But of all the dames, this one rubs the worst. She often cries too much.

2. The not-so-classic, kick-ass Damsel--She doesn't need any Knight. Though she's not as annoying as number one, for me she has a tendency to be too strong, too independent. At times even bitchy. She can go so far as to make the hero seem like an idiot. Eh. I don't always like her, but she has some good qualities.

3. Then there's Miss Clueless. She can be sweet or sometimes naive, occasionally strong but more often just helpless. I can like her better if the story shows her growth. She has to gain some commonsense.

4. Miss Smarty-Pants is likely to be taken down a notch or two by the hero. And THAT I like. It makes the banter between the two fun and easy to read. I like her because despite being a know-it-all, she has soft spots and doesn't think less of the people around her, USUALLY. :D

5. My favorite Damsel in Distress is the mix. She's strong yet knows when to rely on a man. She appreciates his appeal and his strengths. She doesn't pretend to know everything but isn't afraid to speak up when what she does know can bring about resolution.

Let's be honest, every heroine has to change and resolve something within herself to make the story come alive. My favorite heroine of all time is Emma McAvoy, Nora Roberts' young heroine in Public Secrets. She didn't just literally grow up in the book, she became a strong, intelligent, street-smart woman who could turn away from pain to love.

Tell me about your favorite heroine. What makes her special?
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Friday Five

Five uses for Braille if you're an over imaginative writer:
1) as a preteen, passing notes in class that your teacher won't be able to read
2) as a young adult, impressing the opposite sex with a unique skill...and passing notes in class to your best friend that your love interest won't be able to read.
3) as an adult, being able to communicate through letters to your loved one who is blind...and passing notes your boss won't be able to read.
4) in middle-age, like with soduko and word puzzles--working the brain to keep it useful...and passing notes to your lovey that the kids won't be able to read.
5) during old age, reading because you've lost your eyesight...

I would rather learn braille than not be able to read!!!

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Friday Five

I know my blogging has been hit or miss the last several weeks. And I sat down this morning to write a witty post about why is wouldn't be all bad that my husband was on his way to basic training and officer candidate school for the next 21 weeks, but the reasons didn't come to mind.

Oh, believe me, there are reasons! [like the junkmail clutter disappearing--FOREVER!]

But in the end, it didn't seem worth it.

So here are five reasons it'll be worse than I'm thinking it's going to be.
1. He won't be around to smack my rear when he passes through the kitchen.
2. There will be no one to rile me up by correcting the way I say something.
3. I'll never see our friends and neighbors because he is always the first to initiate contact. He's way more social and friendly than i am.
4. He kills bugs.
5. He runs interference when the kids turn me into freak, crazy mom.

....I could go on, now that I'm on a roll. :D
Even the things that irritate me the most will also be missed.

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Friday Five

Five Ways I know daytime television is not targeting me...

The HOVEROUND SCOOTER for the not so mobile

Polident Commercials for the toothless

J.G. Wentworth Commercials, for the sucker with a settlement who'd rather have 100 grand than the millions he's won.

Welbutrin for the depressed--not that there's anything wrong with this, it's just not for me [yet]. hahaha. :D

Humana Insurance for Gramma and Gramps

That's it folks. This is just a small portion of what I see while I watch Price is Right and Family Feud and The Talk and Perry Mason or Hawaii Five-O... okay, somedays are better than others and I watch nothing, but still, if I'm not careful, before long, I will be there target audience!! :D haha.

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Friday Five

Five Crappy Carb-filled Breakfasts I can't find just as easy replacements for:

1. Cereal -- Not even Special K is really that good for you.

2. Muffin Bread -- my son's name for sweet breads--banana, zuchini.

3. The quick Donut -- so easy when time is short.

4.  Breakfast Bar -- even easier than the donut on some days, but just as carb-filled and worthless.

5. Coffee -- there will never be a replacement for this, nor do I need one.  But just having coffee doesn't work either!!!

I NEED GOOD BREAKFAST FOOD!!  What do you do for breakfast?? 

Thanks to iFood and Dunkin Donuts for the Donut image

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Friday Five

I found a wonderful site with Friday Five questions...
Don't forget to hop on over there and check them out as well.

Five Questions then:

1) What were your after-school hours usually like when you were in high school?
Yikes, it's been a while... in the fall there was band. One day, at band camp?...
Otherwise, homework...friends? I must have had friends. LOL I don't remember.

2) What are the first moments like when you finally get home after a long day?
I'm a stay at home mom. I have the joy of not coming home to a loud, messed up, dinner half cooked household. LOL Poor DH!

3) Where do your thoughts normally turn after the December/January holidays have passed?
Definitely towards a couple of months of peaceful, quiet down time. I love those months between Christmas and Easter when no one goes out, holidays are scarce and kids go to school. I get alot of writing done! My first manuscript was started and completed in the months of March and April. =)

4) When did you last allow someone to cut in front of you in line?
I'm always letting people cut in front of me. I think it's a matter of Karma(did I spell that right?) or you could call it Points to Heaven depending on your belief... In the car and the grocery store are the most cutable places.

5) What are you going to do right after you finish answering these questions?
I'm heading over to my writing group Romance Divas so that they'll all come visit and leave their own comments on the Friday Five!

Thanks you guys over at Wordpress and Friday Five!