Count Down to June 8th with Debora Dennis

Ack! Seven Days. I said it would go fast! I just didn't realize how fast until it snuck up on me and bit me in the... *cough* uh, behind.

I'm excited though, because for a week, I'm going to celebrate my book release with my closest friends. You...and my wonderful writing friends from Passionate Critters. Years ago, when I joined PC, I met Debora Dennis. She's the mother figure in our group, always with an encouraging word or a firm reminder to do what's right., she's from my corner of the world, and on my last visit there, I got to stop in and have coffee with her. :D And it was just like we'd  done it a dozen times before. When my husband poo-poos the idea of meeting and truly making friends online, I have proof through Deb and my friends at PC that it is possible.

Thanks for being here, Deb! I've got my virtual bakery open because in my house, a celebration doesn't go by that doesn't include Cake and Ice Cream. So, what'll you have?

DD: Ice cream cake - I'm a sucker for the Carvel cakes with those chocolate crunchies in the middle yummo!
Oh man! Do you know what i remember and love about Carvel? We'd go during the summer with my grandparents and if you ordered a cup of ice cream with sprinkles, they POURED the sprinkles on with a fairly generous hand. I love sprinkles!

My followers know that I love history. Which is the reason why I can't wait to get a hold of your new book, A Pirate in Her Dreams. What do you love that drew you towards writing a story about pirates?

DD: History has always been something I loved, it was always my favorite subject in school. But, true to my eclectic style, I can't say that there is any one particular time in history I love the most. When a hero pops into my mind, he usually shows up dressed in period clothing and I hear accents in my head - that's when I know where I'm taking my readers next. My next hero happens to be a pirate and it's truly been a fun adventure.

Your most recent book is your first Indie Published book. Of your four books, which was the most fun to create?

DD:Whatever I'm currently working on is always fun, because I'm going to someplace new (in case you're wondering, I am known in my house for not paying any attention to my GPS and making turns to the unknown. There's just something special about finding some place new!) Indie Publishing give me the opportunity to take my readers to new times and places, and I love that.

Which Hero/Heroine pair is your favorite? [Mine is still Fistful of Fate's William and Rebecca!] I love their story, a true ghost tale. You captured my attention with that one, Deb.

DD: William and Rebecca from A Fistful of Fate will always have a special place in my heart, probably because they were truly my first couple. Their bond across two hundred years still resonates with me, I'm so thrilled to hear that they touched you too, Bethanne!

When you made that first sale, how did you celebrate? 

DD: My husband brought me home flowers and a chocolate mousse cake (and I think I ate most of it myself!)
That does sound good, though...

If there was one book--of all the books and stories you've ever read--that you could live, which one would it be?

DD: Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught. Alexandra Lawrence is just an average country girl and when she first meets her hero, the Duke of Hawthorne, she has no idea who he is, only that he's a man being robbed at gunpoint by highway thieves - she rushed to his rescue dressed in armor astride her twenty year old horse. She's a heroine with moxy and I was instantly drawn to her. 

Tell me about your next project? Will you continue on with Indie Publishing?

DD: When my pirate story is done, my next project will take me to the old west! Right now I plan to write my adventures in whatever time period calls to me. I will continue to explore all my publishing options with each and every book.

Oh yes! I love that you feature stories from all different eras. I've read a few good westerns, too! :)

Thank you  for being here, Deb. I wouldn't have gotten this far without your help and the help I've received from all the gals at PC.

DD: Thanks Bethanne, for giving me the opportunity to join in the thrilling ride of celebrating your first release!

Deb is offering a copy of her book, A Knight in her Arms to one lucky commenter. :D It's a good one! A time travel, too.


Hannah Falcon loves her job cataloging medieval artifacts and setting up the displays at the Natural History Museum in New York City. What she doesn’t love is her friends insisting she date more. When a man dressed as a medieval knight shows up in the museum, Hannah mistakes him for her friend’s latest attempt at a blind date.

Sir Gavin of Rogueforth is a battle-hardened twelfth century knight who expects nothing more from life than to live and die by his sword. Sent through time to protect a woman named Hannah and claim her as his own, he expects a reward. He doesn’t expect a woman who refuses to be protected.

Can one passionate night, ten days before Christmas, convince a twenty-first century woman to follow her heart and show a medieval knight there's more to life than being a protector?