I'm addicted to Drugs...

...And my drug of choice is DSL.

I spent all day Wednesday waiting for my hardware, and when it finally came I couldn't get it working. I needed to register but didn't have my member ID info--cuz who uses that!--and I couldn't answer the security question, What is your favorite restaurant?

Why did I pick that question? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pick a favorite question when dr*gs are on the line!

So I had to fax some info to AT&T[my dealer] and they said they would call me the next day. At 2pm, I finally called them back, more than once. They couldn't find my faxed info...so the really nice Californian dude--who actually sounded American, btw--"helped" me figure out the answer to my security question....

NO! I'm not telling you what it is! Sheesh.

So, tonight, I'm online...and I've got nothing done since 2pm. When I've spent the last week doing more work on my ms than I've done in a month. *bangs head on desk*

I'm initiating LENT. Right now. Lent in September. If you don't remember, I gave up the internet until a certain time of day. Here I go again. :D
I'm glad to be back.
thanks for visiting.