Making the Right decision

Yesterday I forced my way through three pages of a ms. Forced being the key word. Wow, I am just struggling to get to the next exciting scene! What's been revealed? What still needs to be revealed? Are the Main Character's emotions progressing along enough that I can give them that first kiss? That internal debate of if the relationship can or should move to the next level?

I made it to the end of yesterday thinking about starting something new. :D I mean, really...when the writing gets tough, take a break, right? Let the muse move you...and all that jazz. So I plotted two new short stories. Or, I should say I outlined two ideas. Not exactly the same as a plot. But this morning, I went back and forth and back and forth.

I knew what I needed to do. Work through the rough stuff. Move forward!!

So, I did. I made the right choice. :P And yes, it's a little difficult, but I think it's for the best. Time to get this manuscript completed. I've only been working on it all year long.


Another choice I made this week, to sign a contract. Yowza!! I have a contract. And I will get picture of it, just so I can post it here, but alas, the signing is electronic--gotta love technology. Maybe I'll sign my copy just to have it. Of course, my copy has been colored on... by a two-year-old. :D :D She helps.


That's news from Bethanne this week. Off I go to write a few more pages of my manuscript. Motivation: the reward of starting something new when I finish. :D Sometimes, we need a little goal-like motivation.

Have a great week.
With Love,

PS my sister who has 8 boys, had a baby girl yesterday!! A girl!! I was so surprised, I didn't even believe it at first! :D Happy Beautiful Birthday, Baby Mary.