Christmas in July with Entangled Publishing

I pulled an old GIF for the NEW celebration. 
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A scavenger hunt...but let's be real, all the answers are right here. Feel free to look around, hop over to my official WEBPAGE, and see what's going on with me.

But for the quickie, lunchtime break in hopes of a quick win on the scavenger hunt, look no further!!!

Answer 1. I write under the name Beth Rhodes.
Answer 2. Book two of the Rodriguez Family series is about Maria...Lena's sister.
Maria Rodriguez has been the well-behaved middle child her entire life—obedient and hard-working. But when a handsome stranger visits her small town and the sparks fly, she throws aside everything she knows is right to be with him. Then he walks away and she finds herself pregnant. Maria does the one thing she knows is right—goes to find him.
 The product of a nasty divorce, David March no longer believes in love between two people. He wants a simple, no-strings-attached marriage of convenience that will satisfy his responsibility to the baby yet leave his heart safe. Unfortunately, the more Maria is around, the more he has to fight his feelings for her.
 Maria is torn between her love for David and her desire to have it all—family, trust, and love. But as he continues to keep his distance, she begins to wonder if their differences are too great to overcome.

End of July used to be mid summer for that I have kids in school, it's actually the end of my summer. I have three kids that start back up on 8-11 and another one that starts a week later. CRAZY! This Christmas celebration in end of a season for me. 

One that I am thoroughly looking forward to!...
Enjoy the party, and I hope you win lots of prizes.