Count Down Day 5

Chocolate Cake Day!!!

Send me some... haha. Just Kidding.

Go get yourself some chocolate cake. I'm going to...chocolate cake with whipped cream. Oh yeah. YUM.


Tomorrow I take my formatted documents and upload them to the appropriate publishing arms of the great internet, digital WORLD. Since this is my first time, I want to be SURE that everything goes up smoothly and the book doesn't look like a hack job as far as formatting goes...

I might need the extra day to fix something. Who knows?

Have a great week, friends.
With Love,

Saturday Sweets -- Chocolate Cake

The batter, which was really thick! More so than I'm used to. I had to spread it a bit in the pan.

The baking.

Butter cream helper...

Strawberries and chocolate, YUM.

The cake was not as chocolatey as I would have liked, but all I had was cocoa powder when the recipes I kept finding used the baking [melting] chocolate. I was making it up as I went along!

I should have written DARLA on this....

She was covered in powdered sugar!! Just covered! :D