Killer CheeseCake

Killer Cheese Cake -- [ignore the way I sound on video...LOL]

from the internet, allrecipes...with a few minor adjustments of my own. 
So easy to make!!

Couple packages of Philadelphia
about 2/3 cup of Sugar
2 eggs
and vanilla.

I ended up adding heavy whipping cream to that because there was no way to pour it. As a matter of fact, I still couldn't pour it and had to use a spatula to spread it out. 

There's a topping as well. AFter the cake cools completely [about 2 hours]
about 10 oz. sour cream, sugar and vanilla
poured over the top and baked again for about 10 minutes.

Can't wait to eat this tomorrow. :D
I'll post pictures again later. 
Have a beautiful Saturday.

With Love,